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ALI - Aerospace Laboratory for Innovative Components - is a consortium among aerospace and ICT companies, which works in the fields of design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of innovative components for aerospace, ground segment for controlling remote platforms, science and technology. The associated companies cover the entire range of competences in the areas of considered activity.

ALI (Aerospace Laboratory for Innovative Components) S.c.a r.l. is a consortium gathering 18 member companies, mainly active in the aerospace sector, operating in the sectors of design, engineering, prototyping and production of aerospace components (SRS Engignerign Desing Srl, ATM srl, Astro Meccanica Srl, AermecSud Srl, Powerflex Srl), in the integration of systems (Intecs Solution Spa, Space Engineering Spa) in electronics and SW / HW applications, on-board systems and systems for remote control of aerospace platforms (EuroSoft, Techno System Development, Foxbit) in ITC services and advanced applications for aerospace (Lead Tech, ITSLab, Space Factory, Form & Atp, Canale otto, Fabrica Srl). ALI is active in co-operative programs with Italian and foreign organizations such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Italian Ministry of Research, the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Campania Region.


Via Emanuele Gianturco 31 Napoli NA 80146

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      Via Emanuele Gianturco 31 Napoli NA 80146

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      Francesco Punzo Program Engineer - Research and Development Division

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    ALI was involved in following projects:

    IRENE – “Italian Re-Entry Nacelle”: research contract founded by the Italian Space Agency to develop a low-cost re-entry capsule, able to return payloads from the ISS to Earth and/or to perform short-duration, scientific missions in Low Earth Orbit (LEO);

    MISSION – “Maritime Integrated Satellite System in an Inter Operable service Network”, research contract founded by the Italian Space Agency;

    SAR4BAT – “SAR data fusion for bathymetric data retrieval in coastal areas and in submarine archaeological sites” research contract founded by the Italian Space Agency;

    SIMDEO (ASI) – Landfill monitoring system with EO data;

    OCEANSAT (ASI) – Satellite system for the control of marine currents;

    TALED (ESA) – “TelecommunicAtion, Localization and real time Environment Detection” Satellite fire monitoring system.

    FIT (Technological Innovation Fund) – Experimental development programme: “Technological Developments for the realization of a deployable structure prototype for a space re-entry capsule”.


    ALI is currently involved in following project:

    MINI IRENE – “Maxus International Nacelle to Investigate IRENE capabilities”: research contract founded by the European Space Agency to develop a ProtoFlight for a rocketprobe launch;

    SMS – “Small Mars Satellite” - research contract founded by the European Space Agency to develop the concept of a small technology mission to Mars, based on the adoption of an IRENE-like technology to deliver one or more payloads to Mars;

    SISDA – SIStema di Discesa controllata ed Atterraggio di precision: MiSE-funded project for controlled descent system and precision landing.