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Antech Space designs, manufactures and integrates turn-key satellite telecommunications systems and related RF equipment.

The company, founded in 2016, is made up of a team of great experience and already known among the operators of the satellite market, especially between the owners of teleports and their end-users (such as National Broadcasters, Defense and Space Agencies). Recently the company has specialized in participating in international tenders, organized by State Institutions or private companies.

Antech Space has a large range of products, that include Ka, K, Ku, X, C, S and L Band feed/horn RF solutions, both for fixed and mobile antennas, or electronic parts (as ACU - antenna control unit for GEO/LEO/MEO satellite antenna systems): every solution is configurated and customized according to customer needs.

Antech Space team is also able to carry out any kind of refurbishment activities on old satellite telecommunication systems, both from the RF and the mechanical and handling point of view.


Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 7, 95037 San Giovanni la Punta Catania, Italy

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      Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 7, 95037 San Giovanni la Punta Catania, Italy

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      Federico Turrisi

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      +39 0957413637

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    Our Offices in Italy
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    Itaky - San Giovanni La Punta (CT)

    System Capability
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    Satellite Earth Station
    Antech Space projects, designs, integrates and installs satellite Earth station with antenna dish dimension from 3.7 mt up to 18 mt.

    Frequency range Tx/Rx:

    L/S band (1.6 – 2.5 GHz),
    C band (3.4 – 6.8 GHz),
    X band (6.7 – 8.5 GHz),
    Ku band (10.7-14.5 GHz),
    K band (17.5 – 18.3 GHz),
    Ka band (20 – 30 GHz)

    Prime Focus, Dual Optics, Cassegrain, Gregorian, etc.

    Project, Design and Measurements Division
    Antech Space projects, designs, produces and sells every kind of satellite passive parts (feed or parts of it) under project or specific customer requirements for any kind of application from L band to Ka band, giving also measures and calibration in its laboratory (equipped with an anechoic chamber). Its main capabilities are:

    1. RF measures on passive parts of the antenna feed;
    2. RF measures on power amplifiers with a high level electronic laboratory;
    3. antenna alignment service (e.g. Teodolite, Laser tracker, Photo Grammetry);
    4. antenna on site measurement (e.g. Gain, G/T, Waveguide loss).

    DSNG Vehicle for Governative Agencies
    Antech Space can provide turn-key coach worked vehicle for the Governative agencies equipped with mobile satellite antenna systems and other RF equipments for disaster recovery, Military and Police services. Last main installations/refurbishment works:

    SNRT/Morocco: Supply and installation of Nr.9 - 2.4mt V-SAT Ku band antenna system, installed in Rabat

    Italiana Ponti Radio/Italy: Satellite band management for RPAS (Remotely Piloted Air System), named Falco-EVO, related services

    Telespazio/Italy: New 4ports monopulse Ku band feed for ITA-FOC-04C antenna system installed in Fucino Teleport

    E-Geos/Italy: 10mt antenna system with a new X band monopulse Feed and high speed motorization sub-system completed with ACU for LEO application

    Hellas Sat Teleport/Cyprus: 7mt Antenna system refurbishment activities on Az. & El. motors kit

    Dish Media Network/Nepal: 9mt Antenna system refurbishment activities on Azimuth motors kit

    Our Missions & Programmes