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CBL Electronics is an electronic design engineering company focused on avionics, space, defence and naval markets. We can manage the complete workflow from specification acquisition to product manufacturing and testing, with built-to-print, builtto-specification and R&D capabilities.


Vocabolo Bodoglie n. 148/P/3 Todi PG 6059

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      Vocabolo Bodoglie n. 148/P/3 Todi PG 6059

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      Massimiliano Bellucci - CEO

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      +39 0758989408 +390350272242

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    Via dell’Industria 1°, Palosco (BG) 24050

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    Our core business is: test benches, test fixtures, custom Electronic boards, telemetry Systems, custom systems integration, system integration for avionics, space and defence application, management and data acquisition softwares for STTEs (dreamTest and Cloudless).

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Rosetta, Sentinel, Exomars, Orion