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Due2lab s.r.l. is a small Italian enterprise specialized in the realization of fully integrated spectroscopic radiation detectors based on Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) technology for research projects and industrial applications.

Due2lab was founded in January 2014 by a research group with years of experience in the field of ionizing radiation detection working at the Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism (IMEM-CNR) in Parma. In 2015 the company changed its shareholder structure turning to only two majority ownership associates and moved the headquarter in Scandiano (Reggio Emilia). Since then, Due2lab has become one of the few European companies providing state-of-the-art CZT radiation detectors on the national and international market.

CZT technology is based on a direct conversion semiconductor material whose use has incredibly spread in the last 10 years thanks to a great improvement in the growth yield and quality of CZT raw crystals, and its associated cost reduction. Due2lab team masters the whole value chain of CZT technology, from sensor processing of CZT raw crystals to assembly of the electronic chain for precise signal read-out and final digitalized signal elaboration.

Nowadays Due2lab portfolio includes products and services for manifold applications. Due2lab is involved as technology supplier of radiation detection solutions for pioneering research projects in the field of Astrophysics (observation of X- and gamma-rays coming from universe and their polarization) and Medical Imaging and Therapy (prototype for prompt gammas real-time dosimetry during cancer neutron-capture treatment). Besides the participation to these projects at the forefront of innovation, Due2lab is key technology provider for several industrial partners interested in innovative solutions for in-line smart production control and zero-defect manufacturing: Due2lab mission is to drive non-destructive inspection system into the hyperspectral X-ray world. Indeed in the years prior to Due2lab creation, several demands for radiation sensors from the industrial sector came to IMEM institute: this kind of demands were better suited for a company than a for a research institution, and this was one of the main driving forces that led to Due2lab foundation.

Thanks to the synergy with IMEM-CNR Institute (Parma) and the know-how of its highly skilled team, Due2lab aims to become, in the coming years, one of the global reference points for the creation of highly innovative detectors and systems based on CZT technology.


Via Paolo Borsellino, 2 Scandiano RE 42019

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      Via Paolo Borsellino, 2 Scandiano RE 42019

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      Nicola Zambelli - CEO

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    1. Hyperspectral X-ray Spectrometer (HXS) equipment.
    2. Single CZT Sensor Unit with collimation kit (D2L001)
    3. Multichannel Digital Pulse Processor Unit (D2L009).
    4. CZT sensors customized according to client needs.
    5. Fabrication of state-of-the-art CZT highly segmented sensors prototypes for cuttingedge applications in aerospace and/or medical imaging Services
    6. A highly skilled team at your service for specialist consultancies on the use of radiations for different purposes
    7. Preferential relation with world leading CZT suppliers



    1. Space, Astrophysics, Observation of the Universe • Medical imaging (densitometry, CT, gamma cameras, SPECT) and medical therapy (prompt gammas detection for dosimetry in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy)
    2. Environmental Monitoring, Nuclear Safety, Security, Decommissioning
    3. Material inspection, analysis and recognition (absolute density, compositional analysis, etc)
    4. Defectoscopy and quality control inspection, where high X-ray flux is required



    1. Ionizing Radiation Detection, Solid-state detectors, Semiconductors.
    2. X-ray hyperspectral im
    3. Advanced bonding and attachment of solid-state detectors to read-out electronics
    4. Laboratory measurements and feasibility studies for X-ray inspection on different materials and samples (wood, ceramics, plastics, food, others)
    5. Design and realisation of industrial prototypes for new generation X-ray nondestructive tests and innovative measurement systems for in-line real-time quality control systems