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DUNE is a Small-Medium Enterprise (staff of 15 engineers) operating since 1980 in R&D, aerospace, defense, underwater acoustics, robotics, industrial control and communications. Over the last 40 years we have focused our activities in the fields of design, simulation and development of SW processing architectures for hard real-time systems on multi-core and multi-processor platforms (Radar, Sonar and Satellite Systems, Robotic and Industrial Control Systems, Inertial Navigation Systems), management of EU Research Projects (Wireless networks, GSM, UMTS, LTE, LTE-A, femtocells, picocells, broadband communication networks), design and development of dedicated HW solutions for real-time purposes. Application-ready or dedicated solutions based on a consolidated experience are provided as well as the capability to seek innovative solutions in system analysis. Flexible processing architectures are exploited to prevent or mitigate the risks related to the obsolescence providing the Customers with systems, easy to be migrated on innovative platforms, which minimize program risks, reduce migration costs and accelerate time to deployment and time-to-market. The company skill in leading and managing International Research Projects ensures a solid support to the Customers regarding proposal of innovative ideas, international partner contacts, proposal presentation and project management. The expertise in developing highperformances HW solutions may answer to specific Customer needs not completely met by commercial products.


Via Tracia, 4 Roma RM 00183

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      Via Tracia, 4 Roma RM 00183

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      Fabio Andreucci - CEO

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    Radar and sonar signal processing. Production of localization equipments