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EIE GROUP Srl is an International EPCC Company globally operating for more than 30 years in areas such as Aerospace, Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Big-Science.

The core of Company’s experience is the capability to manage large and complex projects, developed in the course of a multi-decennial working history with the most important customers, suppliers, scientific institutions, and industrial groups of the word. Whether it is space instrumentation, space facility, telescope, dome, or optical equipment, the goal of the Company is to satisfy customer’s expectations. In this perspective, the business of the Company is then summarized in three macro concepts: Management & Contracting, Engineering & Design, Production & Services.

Thanks to its expertise, the Company responds to extreme project’s functionality, efficiency, maintenance and growing lifetime requirements imposed by the customer’s specifications.

At the base of EIE GROUP Srl success are a fluid organizational structure, a multi-skilled personnel with solid engineering/technological/scientific know-how, a deep belief on creativity and emotional intelligence to best serve customer demand. In this sense, the Company promotes a constant growing of its innovation culture.


Via Torino, 151A Mestre Venezia 30172

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      Via Torino, 151A Mestre Venezia 30172

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      Tommaso Marchiori, Mattia Scomparin

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      +39 0415317906

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    EIE GROUP Srl is an International Leader in the design and development of cutting-edge solutions for high-impact technological projects. The Company promotes technology and innovation through a unique series of products and services, capable of generating value for its clients and partners. In this perspective, the Company uses exclusively highquality industry standards for the projects undertaken, ensuring their operativity in full efficiency for several decades.

    EIE GROUP Srl features an outstanding background in Management & Contracting, Engineering & Design, and Production & Services for:

    • The most sophisticated Ground Facilities for Space Missions Testing and Space Situational Awareness Monitoring.
    • The most innovative Opto-Mechanical Systems for Solar System exploration and Earth Observation.
    • The largest ground radioantennas, telescopes and domes all over the world.

    EIE GROUP Srl well knows that the development of space and astronomical technologies represents a powerful engine for human, social, and economical heritage. For this reason the Company offers the TBO Project, a suite of services to support the development of international cooperative Astronomical & Space projects.

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