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Design and construction of electronics and mechanical systems, telecommunication systems for mobile and transportable station terrestrial and airborne, electronic and mechanical components and subsystems, shelters, transportation systems, special trailers, fixed station, field systems for space, defense and strategic applications.

Design and equipping of shelters, vans, trucks, tracked vehicles, moving platforms, trailers, vehicles in general, both civilian and military.

Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (M-GSE), Electronic Ground Support equipment (E-GSE).

Design and implementation of ballistic protection on shelter and vehicles.

Design and construction of systems for high accuracy weapons. Design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, cabling and silkscreen for space and defense


c/o Tecnopolo D’Abruzzo - ss.17 Ovest, loc. Boschetto N. Ind. di Pile L’Aquila AQ 67100

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    Products: MGSE for small and large satellites, Transport Container, Tilting Trolley, Multipourpose trolley, Mass properties measurements, Optical Instruemnts MGSEs.

    EGSE: RF EGSE for testings in RF.

    Satcom Products, Communipack familiy products for satellite communication. Transportable trailers and suitcase products in X, Ku ad Ka band.

    Military and Homeland Security - design and manufacturing of special purpose vehicles for reconnaissance, sourveillance and intelligence.