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Engineering is the leading national software and services company, with 10,500 employees and 50 branches in Italy and overseas (Germany, Spain Belgium, Republic of Serbia, United States, Brazil and Argentina) with a consolidated revenue portfolio at the end of 2017 of 1 Billion Euro.

The company carries out IT innovation combining the potential of a full, integrated offer of Business Integration, infrastructural Outsourcing and Cloud services (provided by 5 Data Centers) Consulting, customized proprietary solutions for vertical markets – from Industry Space sector to Healthcare, Utilities, Finance and Public Administration - and technologically cross-market, such as geo-referencing and Open Source Business Intelligence solutions.

Special attention must be given to the Defense , Space & Security Division, which historically has decades of experience and technological, methodological and managerial expertise specific to the Defence & Homeland Security sector.

With 420 researchers located in many R&D laboratories the Engineering Group plays a leading role in ICT research, coordinating and participating to several national and international projects thanks to established open partnerships with other EU companies, universities and research centers.

The research areas that the company focuses in, in line with the European Research Agenda of Horizon 2020 are linked to the notion of smart cities conceived as ecosystems of digital services. Specifically, the research and innovation activities concentrate on the following research topics: Smart Health, Smart Government, Smart Enterprise, Smart Tourism, Smart Energy, Secure societies, Digital Transformation.


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    DSI (Data Consolidation and Bulk Processing Service Initiative)

    Engineering offers consolidated Infrastructure services providing data reception, processing, distribution, data quality control and archiving services to the mission operated by ESA and member states. A relevant reference is the ESA Project called DSI (Data Consolidation and Bulk Processing Service Initiative) for management of various activities concerning Earth Observation(EO) data and to provide a solution for ESA EO Data Users, focused in particular on activities systematically performed upon acquisition of data concerning:

    • ESA missions (ERS, ENVISAT, Earth Explorers);
    • ESA Third Party Missions (e.g., Landsat, etc.)

    Past, present and future missions (with future ESA missions limited to Earth Explorers).

    During the project the following operations on missions have been carried out:


    • Data Collection and Data Consolidation
    • Processing System Integration
    • Reprocessing / Bulk processing / Format Conversion


    • Data Repatriation / delivery
    • Data Information and Configuration Management
    • Project and Service Process management and other support services.


    With “SIMONA” Engineering is providing an information platform for the completion and improvement of existing services in Maritime Situation Awareness, improving the skills that the Italian Coast Guard and the Italian Navy currently have, as well as providing added value services based on satellite assets in support of private subjects, such as merchant naval transport companies and insurance brokerage, insurance and assistance companies. The main functions of the SIMONA platform can be summarized in:

    Contributing to the generation of an enriched Common Operating Picture (eCOP) by integrating data coming from various sources of information (EO images, data on weather and oceanographic conditions, Local Pictures supplied by collaborative users) in adherence with the main reference standards (GRIB, VMS)

    Supporting maritime surveillance, S&R and safe navigation operations, by providing services that integrate the satellite assets, and such as to guarantee safety, integrity, precision and reliability characteristics.

    During the SIMONA project a bidirectional narrowband satellite module has been developed, in order to take advantage of SIMONA services also with absence of a common traditional communication channel (WIFI, UMTS, etc.) This narrowband lighter module (named SatcomBox) is tailored for a more wide market of private leisure boat users and linked through SIMONA services to Insurance contracts. The SatcomBox includes a GPS function and, during normal navigation conditions, will support only offshore (SATCOM) navigation telecommunications from/to crafts. The use of the SatcomBox by the leisure boat users is also well seen by Italian Cost Guard because enabling continuity of communication from coastline to open sea, increasing the safety of the leisure navigation.


    Engineering services are available through different technology stacks:
    CloudEng offering based on the “Microsoft Azure Pack” platform, these services allow you to build both Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud thanks to the perfect combination between the IT services offered by the Engineering Data Centers and its Cloud platform based over Microsoft WAP technology.

    CLOE (Cloud Computing by Engineering) is the Engineering platform for the provision of Cloud services based on the Vmware technology platform (Vmware Vcloud director) according to various innovative modes: IaaS: virtual servers on demand with a wide range of standard catalogue and customized operating systems; PaaS: service development platforms with main stacks; SaaS, document, contact management and service collaboration applications, CRM and asset management applications, electronic mail systems.

    The management policy of the Information security for Cloud services is defined in harmony and within the compliance with legal regulations Italian and European (


    Cloud Computing facilitates the commercial use of Big Data, especially for Space. The main benefits cloud computing provides are the systematic evaluation of big data, understanding the collected information and how it relates to each other as well as the near real-time analysis of the collected data. Moreover , the recent increase of free and open access initiatives to big data from space, such as the European Copernicus programme, extends the spectrum of users.

    The Big Data Competency Center, which includes data analysts, data architects, data developers, data scientists, research scientists, is the specialized organizational unit that supports the Engineering Group’s offer and coordinates its initiatives involving big data skills and technologies. The competencies include goal definition and solution design; big data architecture design and realization; specialized skills on technologies and development methods; data collection, open data management, advanced data analysis and visualization; presentation and communication skills, and business development support.


    Digital Transformation affects all organizations and is based on the introduction of innovative technology transversely to working areas. Technology is at the service of business renewal and must be enhanced through analysis processes and structural planning.

    Engineering Ingegneria Informatica combines a great knowledge of the ICT world with a consultant approach that accompanies the Customer in identifying needs and making changes useful for systemic evolution. We are inspired by the methodologies of System and Design Thinking to support our Customers and identify the processes and systems object of the transformation, employing all the most suitable professionals for each single area.