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Esri Italia is the Italian leading company in geospatial solutions for Government and Enterprise. Esri Italia is Esri Official Distributor for the Italian market where the company operates also in networks with important Partners. The target customers are mainly in Government, Defence, Public Safety & Security, Space, Telecom & Utilities, Enterprise Companies, Universities, Research Institutions and No-Profit Associations. Esri Italy has a strong presence in the Italian market with Enterprise solutions supporting operation and decision making of any private or public organization.

The company offers high level of expertise in various application fields with solutions based on Esri technology and the integration of ArcGIS Platform with other enterprise systems. The offering integrates Geolocation and Mapping Platforms, Spatial Analysis, GIS, Geospatial Data, Training Programs and Professional Services.


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    ArcGIS is a geolocation platform to make better, smarter decisions and a more efficient organization.

    It works about every problem and situation has a location aspect.

    People in an organization can use ArcGIS in different ways i.e.:

    Executives use the platform to keep on top of key performance indicators and analyze trends and spatial connections that influence every aspect of organization’s operations.

    GIS analysts with ArcGIS can build maps using up-to-date data, perform deep analysis, and share results within or outside their organization Knowledge Workers use ArcGIS for manage enterprise data in decisions and business workflows. Support decision making in their organization with tools for advanced analysis and data visualization.

    CIO & IT Professional with ArcGIS can integrate mapping and spatial analysis into business system dashboards and reporting systems without customization. Implement ArcGIS across your enterprise using your organization’s policies and procedures for maintaining security and data integrity. You can deploy ArcGIS on-premises or in the cloud.

    Many projects in Environment & Natural Resources, Defense, Public Safety & Security, Urban Design, Utilities & Communication include the ArcGIS Platform.

    Esri Italia Solutions complementing the ArcGIS platform:

    Normalization and Geocoding – Standardize and convert an address into a geographic location allows fully understanding the spatial relationships with other information. Esri Italia supports standardization and mass geocoding of addresses and points of interest.

    Image Processing - The processing of remote sensing images provides powerful spatial analysis tools. Esri Italia offers skills and solutions for satellite images analysis, particularly in SAR (synthetic aperture radar images). The company owns a patented solution called GISAR for filtering and extracting automatically information from data. The collaboration with the European Space Agency allowed testing the solution mainly with COSMO-SkyMed and Envisat data.

    Geophysical and Structural Monitoring – This topic is very important in Italy, a country with exposure landslides, subsidence, bradyseism, volcanoes and a unique historical heritage. Maintain the territory integrity requires effective control actions. The SENDAS solution is an alternative tool to traditional monitoring systems, based on GNSS sensors single frequency. It is a technologically advanced solution for monitoring landslides, volcanoes, dams or other similar elements