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Euro Stamp 1 s.r.l. has been working since year 2000 in the engineering sector; we realize moulds, prototypes and sheet metal parts.

Our company is certified IATF 16949 for the automotive sector and ISO 9001 and qualified for “privacy and security of datas”.

We’ve created “workinsieme” in July 2019, a business network at customer disposal to provide a complete flexible and professional production supply chain.

Our company takes advantage of a next-generation management system E.R.P. that permits us to interact with customers and suppliers, managing datas and informations in a controlled and efficient way.

Professionality and quality have allowed to Euro Stamp 1 to be a TIER 1 supplier for the customers that operate in automotive and earth-moving sectors. We are also a good supplier for aerospace sector and warehouse automation solutions.


Via Raspini 15, 10036 Settimo Torinese Turin, Italy

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      Via Raspini 15, 10036 Settimo Torinese Turin, Italy

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      Luciano Scaravaglio

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      +39 011 80 140 00

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    1.    Design and construction of prototype moulds

    2.    Prototypes made of sheet steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum

    3.    Design and construction of definitive medium sized, blocked and/or (progressive) moulds for sheet metal.

    4.    Cold moulding of sheet metal

    5.    Processing of wire spark erosion and plunge spark erosion (EDM)

    6.    Bending of sheet metal up to 12 mm thickness

    7.    Working of pipes

    8.    Assembly

    9.    Welding: MIG (continuous wire), TIG (fusion and carry-over), projection (fixed welders and hanging welding machine)

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