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A new generation farm that, in addition to tradition, has decided to carry on the most advanced innovation. We are specialists in hydroponic cultivation in sterile, airtight, fully computerized greenhouses. We grow products without chemicals, without heavy metals, nickel and histamine. We provided an Italian meal on the ISS on the STS-134 mission and we have the dream to become specialists in space cultivation and 3D printing of food for future long-term space missions. We believe that tomorrow's agriculture on our planet has strong similarities to that of the future on the Moon and Mars, and we are studying to make it possible. We are space farmers and space food designers!


Via Colle Cerqueto 1, Fiumata, Petrella Salto, Rieti, Italy

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      Via Colle Cerqueto 1, Fiumata, Petrella Salto, Rieti, Italy

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      Giorgia Pontetti

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      +39 39398390825

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    Hydroponic space greenhouses for CEA applications

    Space 3D food printers

    Our Missions & Programmes

    STS-134 DaMa Mission, Italian Food for Astronauts; SOLE Project with ASI, on-earth space greenhouse demonstrator