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FlySight S.r.l. in a SME devoted to design and development of cutting-edge software solutions in the field of Decision Support Systems for aerospace, Defense & Security, civil infrastructures sectors.

The company, as part of the Flyby Group, has been established since 2020 inheriting twenty years of experience in satellite remote sensing and data analytics.

FlySight team is specialized in providing best in class software system for mission planning, situational awareness, and debriefing in time critical applications.

The proposed solutions are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches, exploiting the latest cognitive signal processing and adaptive data fusion algorithms.

Besides, FlySight adopts deep learning methodologies together with Augmented Reality technologies to provide its customers with disruptive ISTAR (Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) systems.

Typical applications are in avionics, naval and underwater fields, in order to provide an improved geospatial situational awareness both for the on-ground and the on-board segments.

Real time PED (Processing Exploitation and Dissemination) is obtained by the integration of our solutions in already existing architectures, thanks to the interoperability of our systems with industrial standards used in both aerospace and Defense & Security sectors.


57121, Livorno, Livorno, Italy

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      57121, Livorno, Livorno, Italy

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      Andrea Masini, CTO

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    OPENSIGHT is a multi-platform PED (Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) system created to provide the best support in decision making. It integrates a geo-exploitation toolbox which represents a new environmental concept for mission data analysis and visualization.

    This product is a modular cost-effective system, both for the on-ground segment and for the on-board one.

    OPENSIGHT exploits real information in a synthetic environment for Geospatial Situational Awareness and provides a new approach in the definition of Decision Support Systems as a component of the TMC (Tactical Mission Command) or as a tool for the real-time mission analysis, enabling real-time collaboration in a COP (Common Operating Picture) of the scenarios.

    OPENSIGHT has been developed following the STANAG guidelines and rules through more than 10 years of experience, gained from working on interfacing software tools for airborne data sensors and avionics information processing.


    -   Independent platforms (workstation, desktop or mobile, all operative systems)

    -   Modular plugins (each plugin is exportable as a standalone application or library)

    -   Fully customizable and extensible through a simple SDK (Software Development Kit) for specific applications


    -   Real information exploiting in a synthetic environment for scenarios analysis and forecasting

    -   Simultaneous GIS and 3D graphic rendering capabilities

    -   Real-time and mission archived data visualization and management


    -   Anything can be customized.

    -   Any new functionality can be added.



    OPENSIGHT-Mission Console is the turnkey solution for airborne platforms.

    It exploits on-board equipment information in an Augmented Reality environment to enable geospatial situational awareness on on-board tactical displays.


    OPENSIGHT-Analysis Console is the turnkey solution for the on-ground mission management. It exploits a geographic exploitation toolbox, providing the best real-time Processing Exploitation and Dissemination features for the Defense and Security market. It allows for adaptive information processing and distribution to support Command and Control operations.


    OPENSIGHT-Underwater Optronic Mast Console is the turnkey solution for electro-optical data processing. It provides special functions for data enhancing in a situational awareness environment and it is specifically designed for the underwater environment.




    This is the solution created to enable an innovative approach to the development of new Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Exploiting its tools, it enables solutions for real-time mission analysis and dissemination in a COP (Common Operating Picture).


    It is the Software Development Kit created to allow for integration of Augmented and mixed Reality contents in existing legacy systems.


    It is the solution aimed to exploit innovative deep learning approach for the detection, classification, and identification of targets from images or video.


    Our Missions & Programmes

    October 2018 - CapTech Electro Optical Sensors Technologies workshop on: "Artificial Intelligence for OPTRONICS systems"; January 2020 - Optro2020 - Defence Technology Research with EDA : "Real-time target detection in maritime scenarios based on YOLOv3 model”; 2019-20 NIAG SG 232: Study on Utility of Unmanned Vehicles in NATO ASW operations; 2020-21 NIAG SG 249: Study on low-collateral damage C-sUAS effectors other than Jammers; NIAG SG 256: Study on overarching framework for Command and Control (C2) standards for multinational operations for maritime unmanned systems; 2019-21 IST 168(AI2S): Adaptive Information Processing and Distribution to support Command and Control. - FlySight team contributions on data processing; 2018-21 CapTech Electro Optical Sensors Technologies (EOST): Since 2018 Eng. Masini, CTO of FlySight, have been nominated Italian CnGE Since 2021 Eng. Masini, CTO of FlySight, he is the Deputy CapTech Industrial Rapporter Eng. Masini, CTO of FlySight, is the Coordinator for Hyperspectral CapTech Optronics Projects