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g-nous is a privately owned Italian company providing business and technology services in the space sector with a focus on downstream projects and on sustainability-oriented applications.

Aiming at building the bridge between space solutions and terrestrial applications, g-nous generates synergies by developing space-based innovation platforms for the creation of sustainable products and services involving the integration of space assets and the most advanced land and marine technologies applicable to different terrestrial verticals. Specifically, g-nous develops new solutions and applications enabled by space-based technologies in the following fields and frameworks: Healthcare, Blue Economy, Agritech & Food, Energy, Environment and Smart Cities.

g-nous matured a consolidated expertise in the design and development of entrepreneurial initiatives, building and leading multi-stakeholder coalitions, structuring and animating communities, connecting business ecosystems, creating cross-sectorial partnerships and multidisciplinary synergies.

The activities are space, innovation, and sustainability - driven and, in line with the United Nations SDGs Agenda 2030, bring together the key dimensions of sustainable development to create shared value in the long term - from technology to business ecosystems.

  • Space: from strategic planning to targeted support, g-nous provides years of experience and expertise in the space sector to handle a broad spectrum of innovative projects. Aware of the disruptive impact of space-derived technologies on business and societies (and vice versa), g-nous takes space-based projects from vision to completion while minimising hurdles and maximising value.
  • Innovation: one of the greatest challenges for today’s organisations is when businesses want to remain relevant whilst everything around them is changing. g-nous’ team helps companies to unleash their potential leveraging on resilience, implementing a holistic and multi-stakeholder approach for effective fast and flawless execution of business innovation processes.
  • Sustainability: g-nous’ approach focuses to unveil innovative perspectives for sustainable developments, providing reliable solutions for the proper use of resources and for the evaluation of outputs in terms of economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Piazza Giuseppe Massari 6, 70122 Bari Metropolitan CityBari, Italy

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      Piazza Giuseppe Massari 6, 70122 Bari Metropolitan CityBari, Italy

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      Guglielmo Giannini - Chief Operating Officer

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      +39 080 9179885

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    Project Leadership
    g-nous designs agile processes and deliver holistic services for venture building: the integrated approach permits to handle multidisciplinary technology challenges, leveraging on open innovation networks to generate business solutions. g-nous leads innovative business projects, collaborating with companies, institutions and entrepreneurs coming from different industry and sectors, to raise flawless networks and out-of-the-box businesses in response to market needs, from technology feasibility to industrialization and business launch.

    Core acitivities:

    • Cross-sectorial opportunities development for innovative applications
    • Ecosystem of technological and sectorial partners.
    • Feasibility assessment, business plan and go-to-market.
    • Human and intellectual resources for business start-up.
    • Connection with investors and institutional partners for funding.

    Stakeholders Engagement
    g-nous designs thematic initiatives through platform thinking in support of companies and institutions struggling in reaching out their targeted audience. This approach enables g-nous to act as a multi-stakeholder platform, building and animating communities in different verticals by designing stakeholder-stimulation initiatives.

    Core activities:

    • Thematic events with high-level speakers.
    • PR and communication strategy and plans.
    • Community building and animation.
    • Conceptualisation and management of physical and virtual platforms for match-making.
    • Tailored market-stimulation programmes.

    Technology Integration
    g-nous integrates space assets with terrestrial (marine included) technologies for the development of sustainable products.
    The tech division aims at providing end-to-end solutions by combining R&D, trade-off analyses, scouting, and integration of space and Earth high-technologies.
    g-nous devises integrated solutions that leverage on different approaches and technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, space data analysis, Internet of Things, business intelligence, agile software development, advanced manufacturing, robotic automation.

    Core areas of expertise:

    • Design and development of AI-based algorithms for data regression, classification and prediction.
    • Development of technological solutions based on the analysis of satellite observations (SatEO) by means of advanced algorithms (e.g. object detection and classification).
    • Development of data visualisation techniques to gain insight and find hidden patterns in data for business intelligence.
    • In-line control and data analysis of advanced manufacturing processes, for performance evaluation, predictive maintenance, and Decision Support System (DSS) to improve process productivity, quality and efficiency (Industry 4.0).
    • Assessment, design, and development of new products, leveraging on satellite-based data, mechanical and automated systems, IoT, computer-vision, and AI technologies.
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