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G-nous is an innovation company providing business and technology services, connecting ideas, people and tools through a dynamic and flexible offering structure. The company has a consolidated expertise in the space sector with a focus on downstream projects and on sustainability-oriented applications. G-nous’ activities are space, innovation, and sustainability - driven and, in line with the United Nations SDGs Agenda 2030, bring together the key dimensions of sustainable development to create shared value in the long term - from technology to business ecosystems. G-nous is a member of BIG TC (Blue Italian Growth Technology Cluster) and AIPAS (Associazione Delle Imprese Per Le Attività Spaziali). Company’s activities cover three main domains:

  • Venture. G-nous found and invest in start-ups, working on the origination of new ideas and new business models, innovating industries through business transformation and application of disruptive technologies. Through its venture building approach, the company provides added value in product development, business modelling, startup growth and fundraising.
  • Space. Leveraging on 10+ expertise in the industry, G-nous fosters the access to space activating market stimulation services and initiatives devised to enable the growth of the European space-based ecosystem. Company's offering focuses on stakeholder engagement, open innovation and brand strategy to stimulate the space commercialisation and reduce the distance between space and terrestrial businesses.
  • Tech. G-nous is promotes the Technology Transformation leveraging on deep tech. Through a problem-opportunity approach, a multidisciplinary know-how and a solid network of tech partners, the company provides tailored solutions to clients and industries based on Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing and Satellite Data.

Piazza Giuseppe Massari 6, 70122 Bari Metropolitan CityBari, Italy

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      Piazza Giuseppe Massari 6, 70122 Bari Metropolitan CityBari, Italy

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      Guglielmo Giannini - Chief Finance & Operations Officer

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      +39 080 9179885

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    We are the Venture partner for startup building and growth. Our hybrid approach allow us to develop, incubate and accelerate new businesses, creating a tailored path made of business and technology advisory to validate product-market fit, power-up product development with advanced tech, enable growth and expand perimeters of action.

    Core activities:

    • Venture building from scratch
    • Startup incubation/acceleration
    • Business angel investing
    • Business growth advisory


    Space is at the forefront of innovation and is the new place to be. We build ecosystems in the space economy leveraging on capacity building, platform thinking and open innovation. With the aim to facilitate stakeholders engagement, support new space startups, enable cross-contamination and foster the commercialisation of space assets, our value proposition focuses on three main pillars:

    • Strategic Engagement: leveraging on unique knowledge of industry dynamics, we offer end-to-end frameworks to effectively activate innovation by identifying clients' space-related opportunities, engaging with strategic partners and devising innovation ecosystems.
    • Market Activation: we address startups, investors, corporates, institutions and innovators to build ecosystems based on platform thinking and boost space-based transformation through open innovation and capacity building.
    • Brand Innovation: in partnership with Ogilvy Orbiter, we push space closer to non-space brands, developing tailored projects to get the most out of the opportunity offered by the new space economy to reach new audiences, new narratives, new markets and new technologies.


    Deep tech is right here, right now. You only need to know how to use it for your business.
    We provide end-to-end solutions to integrate advanced technologies in operations and products to address business transformation and industry innovation. Our multi-disciplinary expertise ranges over multiple applications based on three main tech domains: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing.

    Core activities:

    • Intelligent Robotic Systems
    • Product Prototyping & Assessment
    • Process Optimisation & Control
    • Satellite Earth Observation
    • Data Analysis for regression, prediction and forecasting
    • Computer Vision & Image Analysis
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