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Geomatics Research & Development (GReD) is a SME, founded in 2012 as a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano University, that studies, designs and implements innovative and highly customized solutions based on geodesy and geomatics techniques.

GReD's staff is composed of professionals holding PhD degrees by Politecnico di Milano, providing the company with the knowledge and method necessary to tackle complex problems and solve them by means of innovative value-added solutions.

GReD primary objective is to take to the market, with passion and competence, our R&D experience cultivated at Politecnico di Milano in the following application areas:
- GNSS monitoring applications;​
- Gravimetric applications for geophysical exploration;​
- Physical phenomena modelling and data analysis.

“GReD is a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, born in the framework of the PhD course on Geodesy and Geomatics (later Geomatics and Infrastructures), as an agreement between myself and four of the Doctors that got their degree between 2009 and 2011. The idea was that there was too much competence built in several branches in Geodesy and Geomatics, to let it be dispersed in the general market. The previous experience with some leading companies in the area, like ESRI Italia, convinced us and the partners that, with a wise management of competence and a serious engagement in transforming ideas into products of industrial value, we could afford the gamble of founding a company having a significant probability of success. Furthermore, matters like the analysis and interpretation of the gravity field, the analysis of GNSS data to monitor the environment (including atmospheric sounding) and structures/infrastructures not only required a high level of competence on the existing techniques but also a capability of developing and implementing new ideas at the frontline of research and maybe a little beyond.”

Fernando Sansò, GReD President


Via Cavour, 22074 Lomazzo Como, Italy

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      Via Cavour, 22074 Lomazzo Como, Italy

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      Lisa Pertusini - Finances and Marketing Manager

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    In the field of GNSS displacement and monitoring, GReD started an end-to-end monitoring service to detect deformations of critical infrastructure and ground movements, based on cost-effective GNSS instruments. The monitoring service, called GeoGuard, is successfully applied to high-voltage power line towers, dams, bridges, and landslides. GReD led the H2020 project GIMS, on the development of an innovative system to monitor landslides, integrating low-cost GNSS, low-cost SAR active transponders and low-cost inertial measurement units.

    GReD GNSS activities include also tropospheric delay monitoring from either geodetic or low-cost stations, for meteorological applications. For this purpose, GReD participated to three H2020 projects (BRIGAID, TWIGA and SINOPTICA), one ESA project (STEAM), one EUROSTARS project (EDWIGE), and one Fondazione Cariplo project (LAMPO).

    Regarding Gravity Field modelling and inversion, GReD provides custom development of innovative methodologies and advanced software for the acquisition, processing, and inversion of gravity and magnetic data for geophysical exploration. We also provide services, developed in the framework of the ESA Space Solution Programme with the support of ASI, including gravity and magnetic data processing, analysis, and geophysical interpretation for oil&gas exploration.


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