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Interconsulting S.r.l. is an Italian Systems Engineering SME, focused on aerospace and defence solutions of high technological value. Its core business lies, among others, in the development of Safety and Mission Critical turnkey solutions. Participation in both national and European R&D projects (e.g. CleanSky2 programme) gives its products a high added value.


Via Adriano Olivetti 24/26 Roma RM 00131

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      Via Adriano Olivetti 24/26 Roma RM 00131

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      Carmine Caretta Sole - Director

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    1. BEP-1553 FEE
      This activity was performed for TAS-I client. InterConsulting has performed porting and new development activities of TASI BEP-1553 SW to make it compliant with the new MIL-STD-1553B HW Device (AIT boards instead of AIM boards) adapting the device drivers and software interface with the drivers.
    2. BRT-SIM FEE
      This activity was performed for TAS-I. InterConsulting has been developing and providing to TASI a system (HW and SW) named BRT-SIM-1553 FEE devoted to test, simulation and analysis of data exchange with a Unit Under Test (UUT) over MIL-STD1553B standard bus. BRT-SIM-1553 FEE SW also manages an Ethernet Interface to communicate with CCS. The overall test execution is controlled by the CCS computer that commands and synchronizes the operation of the other FEEs using the EDEN TCP/IP protocol, monitors their status and acquires the test result information.
    3. Wizard FEE-SW
      This activity was performed for TAS-I client. It consists of the development of a software component running on a test workstation with the aim of testing a mass memory support connected to the workstation via Wizard Interface. Test activities are based on both low level (Wizard) and high level (CCSDS) communication protocols verification.
    4. IP Core
      Design, Development and integration of a firmware component dedicated to the Virtual Channel Assembler / Multiplexer for FPGA Virtex5. For this component a set of different interface protocols have been implemented, based on CCSDS and SpaceWire protocols. All components are managed through a soft-core LEON2 via AMBA communication bus.
    5. Remote Sensor Monitoring System
      Software application to store and display data collected from GPS/EGNOS/GALIELO remote sensors net. The aim of the software is to demonstrate the capabilities of GNSS utilities for environmental monitoring of civil engineering and special structures (edges, buildings etc..). The central applications retrieve data from sensors storing them on internal database to make them available for post-processing and display on a 2D Raster Map. IC has developed both server-side components (GPS data collection, data pre-processing, pre-processed data archiving) and client-side components (data post-processing, data analysis, data graphical presentation, alarms management).
    6. Web Portal for Ionospheric Prediction Services
      WebClient-side application providing to the user a set of functionalities to monitor and retrieve data and statistics regarding ionospheric space weather predictions. The data are retrieved by client software through web services calls made available by Back-end application, collecting all data on database