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The Iptsat has long been engaged in the development of solutions for the management and monitoring of land and environment through interaction with the users community GIS (Geographic Information System) and Remote Sensing, providing high level of professionalism in all aspects relative to the use of these technologies and proposing solutions with high added value. The business sector in which Iptsat in 1987 initially concentrated its energies was that of GIS Geographic Information Systems, operating in developing applications for the management of geographic resources. Since 1996 Iptsat draws new life and economic planning from a corporate reorganization operated to meet the growing demand for remote sensing data and the need to create new GIS solutions to meet ever-changing technology. In 1999 Iptsat joined the Business Network of esri Italy, dealing with the sale, assistance and development of customized software ArcGIS. With the growth of its know-how, Iptsat pays special attention to training activities, offering training courses best suited to professions and businesses, with strong skills in computerized management of land and environment. From 2010 we are Rapideye (now Planet) partner.


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    CLOUD GIS AND CATALOGS We offer all the commercial and open source solutions for publishing customer data through their servers either at our data center business, or through the clustering of the data, the optimization of databases and cataloging and dating of meta data according to the standards of the INSPIRE Directive.

    VISTA Web Planning tool (server side) for the download of Copernicus data with download connection rescue, ping control for new data (for long period monitoring), with easy user interface, with the possibility to make at the same time more download.

    EOFARMING main objective is to launch in the market an innovative Precision Farming service which targets small farms (average size between 5-30ha), addressing a clear user need, and to enter in the emerging market of commercial applications of EO downstream services in agriculture. The combined usage of GIS and remote sensing, for the development of a Webgis platform related to a geographic database; the use of an innovative algorithm derived from the 3 indexes NDVI,LAI and OSAVI developed by IPTSAT in collaboration with CRA for the production of 3 kind of maps simultaneously i.e. crop vigor maps, vegetation status maps, green leaf maps. The use of free data from Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 as basic information in the realization of thematic maps, thus valorizing EU efforts in provision of open access data from satellites.


    Iptsat has for years been engaged in the world of Remote Sensing

    • Distributing RapidEye satellite imagery, GeoEye, IKONOS, Aster, Landsat (7.8), Pleiades.
    • Carry out activities in remote sensing proximity via radio-controlled UAV drones
    • By providing remote sensing data processing and classification, i.e. analysis and interpretation of the images
    • Proposing solutions with high added value for the study and control of environmental resources, agricultural, and forest vegetation Products: Very High Resolution Data (RapidEye - 5mt); High Resolution Data (0,5 mt - 4mt); Medium Resolution Data (10mt - 60mt)

    Value Added Services:

    • Correctional services and preparation of satellite images; Change Detection and historical analysis; dem – stereoscopy; ctrn e dbt; orthophotomaps; maps of vegetation indices. UAV Cartography:w
    • Mappe No fly zones per SAPR GIS Iptsat has been for years engaged in the world of geographic information systems:
    • Dealing with the sale and support of the ArcGIS software, thanks to its membership in the Esri Business Network of Italy. Esri is a leading global provider of GIS software.
    • Land use planning, urban planning, infrastructure, public works and transport
    • Environmental monitoring, study and management of natural resources
    • Emergency and Safety
    • Tourism, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Landscape
    • Facility Management, Real Estate Management, Marketing
    • Utilities and Telecommunications
    • By creating and updating geographic databases based on geospatial information and technology
    • Esri and/or open source, both for desktop environments, and Web
    • Providing Geographical datasets, ready to be used in the context of systems and GIS applications