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Kell srl is an innovative Italian ICT SME located in Rome, Arezzo and in Gualdo Tadino, near Perugia (operative sites), Italy. It is fully owned by private shareholders.

Kell has over 20 years of experience in space sector developing SW and HW integrated platforms in the field of e-health, telemedicine, e-government, Earth Observation, GIS and navigation systems.

Kell constantly invests in R&D to pursue its vision: “facilitate the day-by-day life through ICT, make it easy, usable”. This is pursued by means a continuous innovation process, a strong investment in human resources and collaborations with Scientific organisations as Universities, public and private Research centres.

The team is formed by young researchers and technicians, with strong and focused skills on ICT solutions, informatics, software engineers, electronic engineers, physicists, engineers, electronic, oceanographers, economist who form dynamic and multidisciplinary group engaged in R&D and services activities performed for international and national Public Bodies and private organizations. The team is composed by a fixed group of managers, researchers and technicians and a broader network of professionals with multidisciplinary skills.

Kell has been involved in EU/national funded trans-national programs as prime contractor, lead partner and partner. Kell has also been prime contractor of the European Space Agency (ARTES Programme) and Italian Space Agency projects to develop new SatCom services for e-Health (KosmoMed, TeleSal, NESA, etc.).

Kell internal organization aims to satisfy its customers in respect of its quality system and certified procedure (ACCREDIA and KIWA).

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the sector EA 33: “Design, development, implementation, technical installation of SW platforms and systems for tele-medicine, Earth Observation and navigation for telecommunications”;
  • UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 for the “design and development, implementation, technical installation and assistance of SW medical platforms and systems for the telemedicine”.

Main technologies and skills are:

  • Information Technology: web platform and mobile solutions for e-Health applications;
  • Earth Observation: Kell designs and develops software systems for telemetry processing and production and processing of remote sensing images, optical and SAR, archiving and distribution of data and quality control fusion and geo-location for smart agriculture, water and land management;
  • Navigation.

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    Satellite Telecom supports ICT/SW open source web platform, tested in healthcare organizations, to provide and manage the classical e-health services as tele-counselling, tele-consultation, tele-diagnosis, tele-emergency, screening campaigns services, electronic medical records, plus the tele-validation service, that is especially delivered to CRO and pharma companies to raise the performance of management of clinical trials.

    During last years, Kell has established a leadership position in the development of telemedicine systems; enhancing technological innovations in the ICT field that can be used in the health sector to improve the efficiency and increase the quality of health processes, in all the different contexts of their “value chain” such as prevention, emergency care, maintenance of own well-being – wellness, family support, clinical and epidemiological studies. Along with some of the major Italian companies, it has developed the largest telemedicine programs especially some of them based on satellite communications for mobile telemedicine.

    Some examples of applications and tools deployed are:

    • KosmoMed: SW/HW integrated system for satellite telemedicine to support high quality video-conference and medical data exchange in all kind of medical branch;
    • Mobile Ambulatories (by land and sea): with advanced diagnostic equipment and satellite solutions for screening campaign, clinical investigations, etc.

    Kell operates in the Earth Observation since 1997, as service provider for Public and Private organisations, developing and implementing. The use of Satellite technologies, the integration with other sources to collect data (aero-UAV, ground sensors), the use of open standards to design and perform ICT applications and solutions, are at the core of the innovation strategy of Kell. Some examples of applications and tools deployed are:

    • WAGRIT: a SW tool for the land and agriculture monitoring that able the classification of vegetation.
    • AIRFIRE: Satellite and Hyperspectral images monitoring campaign to assess and alert in case of fire.
    • MIA-VITA “Mitigating and Assessing Volcanic Impacts on Terrain and human Activities”, an integrated tool to assess and manage the volcanic risk for human.
    • ITACA (Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites), a tool using satellite techniques, remote sensing, special algorithms from marine movements, to identify sub-marines archeological sites and support the management decisions of public authorities.
    • MEMORIES (marine MEteo MOdelling for weather RoutIng Enhanced by Satellite navigation and wave radars), The project developed a prototype of a meteo-navigation onboard terminal and the related service center, to support weather route planning processes (i.e. route planning based on weather conditions to improve efficiency, comfort and safety of navigation).