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Labormet Due is one of the most solid commercial structures in Northern Italy in the field of scientific instrumentation for the laboratory and quality control.

The company supplies tools and related consumer products for the control and characterization of related materials, from the stereo-microscope to the 200-ton traction machine.

The real added value of the service offered lies in decades of experience and in the acquired professionalism that allows us to offer customized technology solutions based on customer needs and turnkey laboratories for the solution of any problem relating to the control of materials in the entry, to control production and generally improve quality.

Labormet Due guarantees for all the equipment supplied: installation and training of personnel, after-sales assistance, requalification, and certification.

At the same time, Labormet Due has its metrology and industrial computed tomography laboratory.

Reverse engineering, evaluation of the porosity, internal control of the defects are just some examples of what the tomographic technique can offer.

Typically the purchase of this instrument scares users for its costs and the management and logistical costs that it entails, the offer of the service quantifiable in “projects” or overtime represents an ideal solution both for customers who have continuous requests for analysis and sporadic customers.

In this field, the company has been able to work for various leading companies in the space sector, which more and more often require advanced control techniques to guarantee the highest quality in products of high technology, innovation, and economic value, for example, components additively manufactured.

To provide services in compliance with the requirements of the space supply chain, Labormet Due has certified its quality management system with EN 9100:2018


Corso Orbassano 402/18 Torino TO 10137

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      Corso Orbassano 402/18 Torino TO 10137

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      Riccardo Girelli - CEO

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    Quality Control and material characterization products:

    • scanning electron microscopes SEM, Micro-analysis EDX, WDX, EBSD, atomic force microscopes AFM, scanning acoustic microscopes SAM, x-ray diffractometer XRD, x-ray fluorescence spectrometer XRF
    • systems for industrial x-ray computed tomography
    • machines for test traction, compression, and resilience testing and other static mechanical tests
    • specific instruments for the control of physical and mechanical characteristics of the rubber
    • bench hardness testers HV HR HB, universal, portable hardness tester
    • chemo-mechanical durability, fingertip & hand abrasion testers, multi-functional and high dynamic scratch/punch/abrasion testers, universal surface testers, 3D optical measurement systems, micro-calo tests for wear and coating thickness testing
    • stereoscopic microscopes, optical and confocal, digital cameras, image analysis systems for metallography and cleaning control details
    • furnaces and heat treatment plants
    • optical 3D measurement machines (non-contact), roughness, profilers, roundness
    • machines and consumables for the preparation of metallographic samples
    • resonant testing systems and machines for dynamic materials testing
    • development of leading software for the analysis and visualization of industrial computed tomography data
    • climatic chambers, rooms for corrosion tests in salt spray, heat treatment furnaces for environmental simulation equipment in general

    Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography Services:

    • Failure analysis
    • 3D metrology
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Defect Analysis
    • Product Contamination
    • Electronics inspection
    • Assembly verification
    • Weld quality analysis
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