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MapSAT is an Italian newCo, based in Milan (Italy) and established in March 2015.

The principal place of operations is located in Benevento (Campania Region - Italy) in order to meet a specific sector of the market, related to the growing demand for products and services of remote sensing for continuous monitoring of the Earth’s soil and sea. These activities are aimed at protecting environment and climate, citizens security, urban planning, development of energetic and electrical infrastructure, prevention of human and natural risks and, more generally, updating and control of the elements of main interest to constantly increase the knowledge of territorial changes.

MapSAT targets both public and private clients, with the aim of creating technology platforms dynamic and flexible, able to satisfy both of these stakeholders, working on customizing the hardware and software solutions based on the same technology.

MapSAT is developing a solid platform of business based on MARSec (Mediterranean Agency for Remote Sensing and Environmental Control) previous existing know how and technologies, along with a new push to develop new Earth Observation products and services for civilian and military market. Moreover, MapSAT will spend many energies to start and strengthening its relationships with the European Space Agency, United Nations, European Agencies (Frontex, JRC, EMSA, UNOSAT, ..) governmental bodies of competence of the Mediterranean countries (North Africa and Eastern Europe) interested in services of remote sensing for their territory.

Company location in Campania Region provides the strategic coverage of an important geopolitics area: Europe, Mediterranean Sea and North Africa.


The GS is equipped with two antennas that have been provided from Sea Space Corporation (USA). The largest antenna (X band) is based on a structure of several meters in height. Since 2004, the MARSec Ground Station has been acquiring data from Aqua and Terra NASA satellites equipped with MODIS sensor. This experience has given the opportunity of configure and adapt the systems to acquire EROS-A starting from August 2005, RadarSat-1 from 2006 and EROS-B since 2009.

The X-band Antenna System is SeaSpace TeraScan 4.4m, three axes X-Band Polar Satellite Tracking Antenna. The Antenna is connected to the Equipment Racks located in Equipment Room.

The distance is about 146 meters therefore the tracking/carrier frequency is downconverted to 720 MHz. The antenna is configured to acquire EROS-B, EROS-A, Terra and Aqua missions


C.da Piano Cappelle, 129 (area MUSA) Benevento BN 82100

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      C.da Piano Cappelle, 129 (area MUSA) Benevento BN 82100

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    MapSAT can provide a wide range of products and value-added services from EO satellite data acquired at the center in Benevento.

    Earth Observation Midstream: Near Real Time Services

    MapSAT manages a Ground Receiving Station (GRS) certified by ImageSat INTL as EPOD Station since 2009. The Exclusive Pass on Demand (EPOD) Program enables our Ground Station to autonomously task the EROS B satellite and directly receive all the acquired imagery on a selected set passes every year into MapSAT commercial footprint (EPOD footprint) established in the business agreement.

    MapSAT can choose in advance and notify ImageSat of the relevant orbits for which it would like to have full control. In the selected passes, the MARSec GRS will create and transmit to the satellite the acquisition command file generated by Mission Planning System (MPS).

    The satellite will acquire the images as planned and will downlink them to MapSAT Ground Station in real-time.

    Thus MapSAT is able to process and transfer a set of Products to the Customer in NEAR REAL TIME (24h/36h).

    Earth Observation Downstream: Value Added Product&Services

    AGRICULTURE: Agriculture Land Use Map (using VHR and HR Optical satellite), Crop Monitoring, Frauds Detection...

    FORESTRY: Forest Inventory (using VHR and HR Optical satellite), Estimate of the damage after a forest fire, Illegal use of soil... ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE: Map of electrical networks, Oil Spill Detection, Offshore Drilling Installations, Oil Drilling, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Planning and Management....

    SECURITY: Ship Tracking, Route Detection, Target Recognition, Illegal immigration Control, Illegal Traffic Control, Piracy Sea Monitoring, Borders Control, Terrorist Attacks...

    GOVERNMENT: Analysis for Disaster and Crisis-Management Support (Civil Protection), Port Development, Municipal Planning, Illegal Buildings Monitoring, Cartography update...

    ENVIRONMENT: Recognizing trends in resource depletion, Climate Changes, Efficient disaster assessment of natural disasters...