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Nablawave is an engineering company founded by four senior researchers with experience in both academic and industrial research. In the Aerospace sector, in particular, our team has been involved in the design, simulation and testing of lab-scale rocket engines, up to 10 kN thrust.

Nablawave supports its customers in the research and development of new products through innovative solutions in the field of industrial and aerospace engineering. The consulting activity, combined with a constant collaboration with the world of research, has allowed us to develop unique skills and knowledge applicable to multiple industrial sectors. We strongly believe in transferring knowledge and methods from the aerospace sector to ground applications; on the opposite side, we also look for smart, cost-effective industrial solutions able to minimise development time and costs for the aerospace market.

At the heart of Nablawave there is a team of passionate professionals with transversal skills, capable of providing simple and unique solutions to fit enterprise needs. The organizational structure allows to carry out all the phases of the R&D process, from the preliminary design to experimental testing. Optimization algorithms and machine learning are seamlessly integrated with advanced analysis and design tools to handle the most complex structural and fluid-dynamic problems; the result is a drastic acceleration of the R&D process and an important reduction in costs.


Viale Dell' Industria 23, 35129 Padua Padua, Italy

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      Viale Dell' Industria 23, 35129 Padua Padua, Italy

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      Gianluigi Misté

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      +39 349 3532646

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    Our Offices in Italy
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    Our services:

    - Mechanical design and technical consultancy

    - Numerical simulations: CFD, FEM, vibro-acoustic simulations, combustion, fluid-structure interaction, structural and fluid dynamics optimization

    - Development of tailor-made software tools and algorithms, optimization and machine learning

    - Assistance with experimental tests

    Our software tools:

    Automatic piping and harness routing tool for any 3D CAD model environment

    Nablafoil: real time performance prediction of a generic shape airfoil using neural networks


    Our Missions & Programmes

    We have worked as subcontractors of Aerospace companies. We will be glad to participate in ambitious ESA missions as a consortium partner in the next future.