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Nadir S.r.l. is a small enterprise headed by some experienced researchers that focus their activities in the application of an innovative and proprietary cold atmospheric plasma technology and in the development of advanced polymer composites.

The Company holds an international patent, related to the new plasma jet device that is now emerging in several fields ranging from advance manufacturing to biomedical, for surface cleaning, adhesion promotion and functional coating depositions.


c/o Campus Scientifico Università Cà Foscari Venezia ,Via Torino 155, 30172 Venice Italy

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      c/o Campus Scientifico Università Cà Foscari Venezia ,Via Torino 155, 30172 Venice Italy

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      Paolo Scopece

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      +39 0412346711

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    Nadir Plasma

    The Nadir Plasma device is a dual frequency plasm  jet type that works in atmospheric conditions and thus does not require vacuum systems for the plasma generation.

    Thanks to the innovative own design the Nadir device is able to generate efficient and cold plasma, (even less than 40 °C on the substrate) particularly suitable for surface treatment of heat sensitive materials.

    Surface treatments for Printed Circuit Boards, Optical Lenses, others…

    Cleaning, Activation, Etching, Bonding, Adhesion, Polymerisation, thin films deposition of functional layers.

    The Nadir Plasma device is also mounted as module in additive manufacturing 3D printing application for surface modification of materials during the printing process.

    Nadir Polymers

    Nadir is a supplier of custom compounds for end users looking for innovative polymer materials, blending a specific polymer with performance additives or other polymers to achieve properties specific to each application. The technology used by Nadir is Melt compounding assisted by the use of a Lab Scale Corotating Twin Screw Extruder.

    Consolidated experience in the realization of polymer compound with: ˆ

    • Enhanced mechanical, thermal, gas barrier properties ˆ
    • Antimicrobial/antioxidant/antibiotic and other biologically activity ˆ
    • Graphene based filler for conductivity improvement ˆ
    • Metallic nanoparticles for metaldetect-ability ˆ
    • Phluorofors for optical recognition ˆ
    • Innovative lightweight material (nanostructured bulk or foam polymers)

    The custom compounds can be obtained as a pellet or as calibrated filament for 3D printing applications in order to obtain 3D article with specific functionality with a tailor made approach on the base of customer request.

    • On demand atmospheric plasma surface treatments and functionalistion
    • Customised atmospheric Plasma equipment realization
    • On demand specialty masterbatches with tailor made properties
    • Melt compounding service
    • Technological Scouting of Innovative high performance materials
    • Plasma & Polymers scientific consultan
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