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Neohm Componenti S.r.l. is an Italian electronic engineering company located in the industrial area of Turin, in the Piedmont region, just 15 km from the International Airport of the city. The company has a 3,000 sq. meters building, organized into offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, laboratories, clean room and manufacturing area. Neohm Componenti was established in 1990 and it absorbed the know-how, trademark and experience of Neohm Elettronica S.p.A., which was a company active in the market of electronic components for nearly thirty years.

Since then, the company has been technologically updating with an improvement of the production lines so to guarantee a perfect compliance to the market needs.

To date, Neohm Componenti area of business is the study, design, development, industrialization, production and sales of electronic components, boards and systems.

In particular, the company works in five different fields of electronic manufacturing:

  • Hybrid circuits and resistive networks
  • Avionic, military and space PSUs
  • Custom power resistors
  • Avionic, military and space microelectronics
  • Electronic systems for railroad communication

Neohm Componenti is able to assist the customers from the design of the electronic component with a team of highly qualified technicians, to the product manufacturing using state of the art technologies and the product screening according to military standards.

The technologies available at the site include, but are not limited to, the thick film substrate preparation, surface mounted technology, chip on board assembly and wiring, hermetic encapsulation, PCB assembly with both SMT and PTH.

The microelectronics products are assembled inside a 400 m2 ISO7 clean room.

In March 2018, the company was acquired by a consortium of enterprises lead by TKM and Tekfer, consolidating the company’s presence in the market.

In 2020 a new joint venture with the swiss company Arc Power was established, The company has a Quality Management System certified by KIWA UNAVIA CERT which complies with the UNI EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 standards, which establishes the basic criteria, pursuing the goal of continuous improvement.


Via Cascina Borniola, 13/D Settimo Torinese Torino 10036

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      Via Cascina Borniola, 13/D Settimo Torinese Torino 10036

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      Chiara Gionco - Technology Process Manager

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    Neohm Componenti core business is the development and manufacturing of high-end CUSTOM electronic services. The company goal is to be an electronic PARTNER to the customer, supplying a complete OUTSOURCING service:

    • Electronic support during development
    • Industrialization
    • Technological support
    • Materials purchasing
    • Manufacturing
    • Electrical test

    The products that can be manufactured can cover a wide range of technologies and applications. The product portfolio includes:

    • Mechanical assembly of boards for railways communication systems
    • Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT) assembly of boards on Insulated Metal Substrates (IMSs), rigid or flex Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
    • Custom thick film resistors
    • Industrial thick film based hybrid circuits
    • Avionic, military and space grade Power Supply Units (PSUs)
    • Avionic, military and space hermetic circuits

    Neohm has a strong heritage in power electronics design both on PCBs and hybrid circuits. We are currently providing five different power supply products for the railways market. We participated to nine avionics and military programs, and we are currently providing twelve hybrids for the European Fighting Aircraft (EFA) program.

    The company participated as sub-con to five space programs, including Cosmo Skymed and SAOCOM. For the last program (SIASGE-SAOCOM L-band SAR for remote sensing) we designed and manufactured 300 Flight Model units of the H5 hybrid. The hybrid is a DC/DC converter with 5 regulated secondary voltages, mounted on the PSU boards of the satellite. The H5 hybrid consists of capacitors, thick-film resistors, active components in chip form and magnetics and was intended for use in high reliability space applications; it is able to withstand a total radiation dose of 50 Krads (Si).

    In 2019 we started a collaboration with Arc Power for the design and manufacturing of a family of standard European DC/DC converters for space, and we built the first prototypes of the 15W DC/DC converter under the ESA/EPFL COO18 contract.

    The hybrids intended for space applications are designed and manufactured according to the ECSS-Q-ST-60-05C “Generic Procurement Requirements For Hybrids”.

    The company is going to start the activities to obtain the Process Capability Approval from ESA according to the ESCC Basic Specification No. 2566000.