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NHOE is a engineering company, created by senior professional engineers working, from few decades, for national and international projects. The company takes therefore advantage from the available engineering competence in order to operate in scientific and high technology areas. In fact NHOE engineers includes specialists operating in Industrial, Power Generation, Nuclear, SPACE, GIS and Aeronautics.

The NHOE skills support the customers, in hi-tech innovative products development, resulting sometimes in customer patents.

NHOE is an INNOVATIVE SME as recognized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The NHOE management experience in the development of systems and / or high-tech subsystems allows to provide synergistic activity fully in line with customer requirements; in particular, NHOE supports its customers in developing products (owned by the customers) at every stage: from specification definition (from design requirements) up to design, testing, construction, and/or industrialization of prototypes or small series production.

NHOE also operates within a network of SME companies allowing  to increase its capability perimeter.

NHOE significant experience exists in many important activities with major prime contractors in aerospace activities;

NHOE also carried out important research and development activities for FP7 / Horizon 2020 Clean Sky and ESA .


Via Luigi Perna n51, 00142 Rome Rome, Italy

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    Industrial Sector 

    Manufacturing sites / maintenance / handling / storage

    ·    MGSE for Aeronautic, Space and Nuclear production sites:

    ·        lifting device;

    ·        tilting trolley;

    ·        trolley;

    ·        0g device;

    ·        integration tool;

    ·        test equipments.

    ·    Customized I/F fixtures for test on shaker with coupled analysis (tested model on I/F fixture); SINE and RANDOM analysis for electronic modules.

    ·    Customized transport container for special transport (space or aeronautic); options could be thermal  control, shock absorber and other.

    ·    Robots in industrial production for the space industrial automation useful for integration.

    ·    Molds for the production of manufactured articles of vulcanized rubber and composite (CFRP/KFRP …..) products


    Aeronautic and Space

    systems and subsystems for aerospace use:

    ·      Structures and mechanism with advanced metallic materials (aluminum, steel, titanium) with various fasteners: bolts / rivets and / or welding; for example structures for satellite.

    ·      Composite material structures (CFRP, GFRP KFRP etc.) : for example project and production of structural components for antennas used on satellites or aircraft or UAS.

    ·     Frame/container and box for electronics (electronic boards) designed and tested in accordance with appropriate and complete shock absorber components suitably chosen (aircraft and space fields).


    ·        BUS/PLATFORM design and analysis (thermal, structural and thermo-structural);

    ·        PAYLOAD design and analysis (thermal, structural and thermo-structural);

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

    R&D Models for Wind Tunnel

    NHOE is certified ISO 9001:2015 for “Design, development, manufacturing and assistance of electromechanical systems for space and industrial applications“

    Our Missions & Programmes

    KOMPSAT5 ; CYGNUS-PCM ; Oceanic S.A.R. ; RESARM ; GLOBALSTAR 2 ; VEGA ; GCCS ; Leopard-B ; NEMOSAT ; ExoMars ; FP7 Clean Sky : DEMOS, EULOSAM ; Horizon 2020 : EULOSAM II, ERACLE, VENUS; Cosmo SkyMed CSG; ARIANNE; SARAH-SRH ; PRISMA ; LURA ; 425P, DRONUS-UAV; EUCLID ; HALO ; AXIOM ; Space Rider ;