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NOVOTECH is a key partner for many industries working in the aerospace field and other advanced technology sectors. The Company was founded in 1992 as spin-off engineering consulting company from Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”. In order to keep high competitiveness on the market, NOVOTECH has developed well consolidated know-how on aircraft and aircraft components: design/ certification; automated composite manufacturing processes; advanced FEA; static/ dynamic experimental tests.

NOVOTECH has proven capability in design and manufacturing of composite structures, based on low cost and out-of-autoclave automated production processes (as AFP, PCM, RTM and LRI).


Via Costanzi, 3 Manduria TA 74024

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      Via Costanzi, 3 Manduria TA 74024

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      Leonardo Lecce - Legal Representative

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    Novotech because of the long period of activity, most of 25 years, has gained over time the specific expertise in various engineering aerospace and other high-tech fields. Starting from the initial activity in the field of GVT and Aeroelasticity, it has gradually expanded its expertise in the fields of various kinds of simulations, analysis and design of aerospace and non-aerospace structures, adding in recent years a competence and significant capacity in the field of advanced manufacturing of composite structures (AFP, RTM, RFI, etc.).