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NPC Spacemind is the aerospace division of the company NPC New Production Concept, providing nanosatellite platforms and ground equipment for civil and defence applications.

The space business unit has been created in 2013 with the mission focus targeted to become leader in nano satellite platform procurement and space related applications offering complete package solutions to bring a scientific research to a commercial industrialized product and service.

The streght of the company a is to offer qualified space engineering know-how and technology exploiting automotive and WCM methodology and lean production strategy to shift the paradigm in space business scenario.

Nowadays NPC Spacemind can count on more then 6000m2 of assembly facility and wharehouse, including clean-room for satellite integration.

In the space segment the company is experienced in nanosatellites platform design, manufacturing and AIT, by means of a portfolio of proprietary nanosatellite products including structures, nanosat deployers, power management system. NPC Spacemind always pursued a strong focus on space debris related issues, having developed and launched in orbit a deployable cubesat deorbiting devices named ARTICA.

SPACEMIND operates in the ground equipment business sector by designing and producing high performant tracking mount for meter class telescopes for astronomy, electro optical applications and SSA, for which the company led multiple survey observation campaign.

In 2018 the Spacemind was mentioned as one the first able to perform a complete tracking of the space station Tiangong-1 during uncontrolled reentry thanks to the performances of the tracking mounts.
NPC Spacemind target customers are companies providing space-based services (earth observation, communication, etc), Universities and national/european institutions. The experience of NPC Spacemind includes participation in 6 nanosatellite missions both as platform responsible and payload provider.

The experience of NPC Spacemind includes more then 6 nanosatellite missions both as platform responsible and payload providers.



Via Errico Malatesta 27/29 Imola Bologna 40026

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    • Design and procurement of nano-satellite platform ranging from 1U to 16U satellites.
    •  Tailor-made platform on Customer payload requirements
    • Design and production of cubesat hardware:
    • Design and production Cubesat deployer SMPOD:
      • Short lead time (<3m)
      • extreme flexibility in the configuration choice (1m before delivery)
      • High performance
    •  Design and production of ARTICA deorbiting module consisting in a deployable drag sail for cubesat (up to 2.1 m2)


    NPC Spacemind has developed MORAL, a family of high performance tracking mount dedicated to SSA, SST, Astronomy, Laser ranging and aerial tracking applications. The systems are compatible with a wide range of optical instruments, up to 1,5 m diameter optics.

    Combining the technology with a strong and efficient manufacturing capability, the scope of the system is to provide modular open platform for civil and defence applications allowing the user to explore the level of customization of the mount operating at different levels with its proper tool and ease the integration of the system in an existing network. Thanks to consolidated partnership with optics and payload producers, SPACEMIND provides complete package with required telescope integrated which can be designed and produced according to specific user needs.


    SPACEMIND is able to provide end to end nanosatellite based missions and solutions for different applications. Thanks to its consolidated network of partners and qualified suppliers, SPACEMIND can cover all the aspects of a space missions from preliminary feasibility studies and design to in orbit operations.

    • Feasibility study & Mission requirements definition
    • Mission profile trade-off and system requirement definition;
    • Platform design and production of subsystems
    • Satellite integration
    • Management of test campaign
    • Documentation management
    • Launch integration and in-orbit operations;
    • Ground system design and production;
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