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ON-AIR Consulting & Solutions is the result of forty years of experience in high technology, in particular in the sectors related to Aerospace and Defense.

It arises from the consideration that Small and Medium Enterprises often have strong potential, but few tools for interfacing with Bodies and Institutions.

ON-AIR therefore aims to offer its strategic consultancy to SMEs, in order to identify the most appropriate fields of action, exploit new opportunities, improve existing operations and develop strategies and processes commensurate with the needs and aspirations of each company.

Thanks to a wide knowledge in highly technological fields, ON-AIR Consulting & Solutions ensures a collaboration with the top management of national SMEs, for the construction of new strategies and new programs based on innovation, networking, and the competitiveness and profitability of products and services.

The founders, Marco Airaghi and Enrico Saggese, have spent decades of their professional life managing industrial and institutional activities with undisputed success.

Strengthened by their experience and knowledge, they finally decided to put their skills at the service of the most talented companies, convinced that any company with dynamism can find its own connotation in this lively and complex productive fabric.

A qualified team of junior and senior engineers works with commitment and motivation in support of customer programmes and in the development of internal projects.


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    ON-AIR's Areas of Expertise

    ON-AIR Consulting & Solutions provides innovative strategic solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises operating in the high technology sectors.
    Through careful analysis and considerable data collection, client companies will be able to obtain effective suggestions to effectively address both critical situations and new and better investment opportunities.
    ON-AIR assists national SMEs operating mainly in the Defense and Aerospace sectors, helping them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and new market trends and opportunities, to consequently improve the action strategy and capture a segment market or a specific market, thus directing attention to interesting opportunities for future investments and developments.


    Tailored strategies

    ON-AIR offers companies that want to be successful, especially in the Aerospace and Defense activities, the critical vision necessary to predict developments and needs, learn the requirements, study market trends and analyze the competition, identifying thus areas of interest and the consequent appropriate strategies.
    Its strategic consultancy also extends to organizational solutions of all kinds, in order not to leave out any territory of the complex world of high technology, being able to offer an exhaustive assessment and identify the optimal solution for the customer.
    ON-AIR consultants provide personalized research, as well as analysis and support: complete advice for the development of a strategy tailored to the specific needs of each individual company.
    ON-AIR focuses its attention, in particular, on the following four areas of interest, but is also ready to support SMEs in every new, innovative field of action.


    Space segment

    The biggest challenge for any high-tech business is choosing where and how to participate in evolving markets, while ensuring that their core businesses are at their full potential. Even in a time of strong contraction in public demand, due to the serious financial crisis of national and international institutions, the space sector can offer great business opportunities for companies that are able to face the economic situation with an innovative approach, no longer tied exclusively to programs. funded by the institutions, but connected to the offer of useful and innovative and business oriented services. ON-AIR helps its customers to optimize programs, identify opportunities to enter new markets, improving performance


    Ground segment

    ON-AIR helps to manage the challenges and opportunities that come from the changing and complex world that companies engaged in this sector have to face on a daily basis. To favor the right evolution and full realization, ON-AIR designs and manufactures functional and optimized ground segments. It develops innovative systems for telemetry and remote control, ground software, satellite image processing. ON-AIR can also provide ILS & OPS services, thus favoring a concrete strategic contribution to companies that want to seize the opportunities of a world that seeks efficiency and ever greater economies.


    Big Data

    ON-AIR has developed a proprietary platform for Big Data management, an enabling solution for data and information management applications from IoT telemetry or from heterogeneous data streams. It therefore includes a set of functions capable of remote data acquisition, in large quantities and short times, therefore for high flows, heterogeneous in formats and contents, typical of big-data, on which to operate with utilization processes susceptible of evolutionary adaptation to qualitative increase of the needs of extraction of complex and derived information. The amplitude of use in distinct application fields makes this enabling solution widely usable in contexts that require the finalization of use processes calibrated on evolutionary situations. This allows you to deal with different application fields.



    The "drones" have seen an increase in attention as a sector in great evolution. Until recently, drones were mostly used for Defense. The development of small and inexpensive drones has led to a variety of uses that companies and public institutions are starting to exploit to reduce risk, optimize processes and promote new forms of value for customers and society. ON-AIR develops innovative UAS projects (air, land or sea) that can be used for defense purposes but also in supporting the activities of civil authorities.


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