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ProEsys is a turnkey provider of end-to-end LoRaWAN™ industrial IOT solutions, from sensors to network infrastructure to network server software. The latest challenge and mission is to design and manufacture IOT sensors connected over satellites, as well as satellite payloads and ground segment equipment based on SDR technology.

Operations started in 2015 at ESA-BIC Lazio incubator. Thanks to the large experience of its founders in professional products design to customer needs, ProEsys is able to develop systems and subsystems according to avionics, railways and aerospace highly demanding requirements.

ProEsys also maintains its own product line of IOT sensors and Gateways based on LoRa® technology for critical infrastructure monitoring for Oil&Gas, Energy Transport and Railway markets.

Thanks to cooperation agreements with major satellite operators worldwide, ProEsys is able to offer bidirectional, real-time connection from sensors to satellites, without any existing terrestrial infrastructure, allowing unattended operation on battery for many years.

Technological partner of key semiconductor players, ProEsys has access to cutting-edge RF and microcontroller products to be at the forefront of the latest technological advancements ahead of its competitors.

ProEsys is equipped with an internal R&D and RF lab, SLA 3D printer and pick-and-place electronic assembly line, as well as state-of-the-art electronics, PCB and 3D CAD tools. The company has a quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 certified by TUV.


Via Zoe Fontana 220, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Via Zoe Fontana 220, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Eugenio Sabatella, CEO

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    ProEsys product line is based on:

    • IOT sensors for critical infrastructure monitoring, applied to Oil&Gas, Energy Transport and Railway industries. The sensors are based on LoRa technology and can operate on terrestrial or satellite networks
    • LoRa Gateways for harsh industrial environments, with low power consumption and multi-band operation on 868/915MHz/2.4GHz
    • Network Server for private LoRaWAN networks
    • Wireless Safety Network (WSN) for remote monitoring of maintenance teams. Based on Galileo system, it acquires real-time position, vital signs and man-down alarms, relayed over a satellite connection

    ProEsys Expertise

    • Hardware/Software/Firmware design and development including FPGA and SDR
    • Satellite payloads and Ground Station Gateways
    • System simulation and validation
    • RF/antenna system design and validation
    • Custom sensors and network solutions for industrial IoT
    • Ultra-WideBand technology for high-accuracy indoor and outdoor location

    ProEsys is involved in the following project:

    BISS (ASI): Bidirectional IOT Satellite Service, an Italian consortium for the design and development of a constellation of Cubesats dedicated to critical infrastructure monitoring using LoRa technology and inexpensive ground sensors.


    Our Missions & Programmes

    ASI-Cubesat BISS; ESA-BIC; Galileo; LoRa Alliance