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Progem is involved in the industrialization, manufacture and control of precision mechanical parts for aerospace, space and defense for both civil and military purposes. Progem operates not only in general mechanical environment but also conception, design, processing and construction in other sectors like industrial automation, automotive, agricultural, textile, nautical. Progem manages prototypes and individual pieces, even at a low production rate, and full-bodied bundles of work with a high production rate. Progem designs and manages special processes related to the activity and mechanical assembly and provides complete processing including various materials’ testing and finishing. Progem is involved in several R&d projects related to the Aerospace sector, with the support of the Polytechnic of Turin and some large companies in the Piemonte area (North-West of Italy).


Via Monteu Roero, 12/16 Carmagnola Torino 10022

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      Via Monteu Roero, 12/16 Carmagnola Torino 10022

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      Lorenzo Grossi - Business Development Manager

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    Progem is a Tier1 supplier that design, produce, assemble and test aerospace and defence structures and components. Progem has also successfully developed a carbon fiber strain gauge that should fly in space in 2022. It is a new technology that allows the structural health monitoring of every critical component spending ten time less than the actual solution available. Furthermore Progem can provide technological industrial washing machines created to meet the various needs of degreasing and cleaning of mechanical parts present in the field of industrial mechanical production. Its high versatility makes it suitable for both interoperational cleaning and finishing cleaning. The large number of available options allows the machine to be configured to make it more suitable for different production needs.