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Radio Analog Micro Electronics srl, RAME in short, was established in September 2014 as High-Technology Content Innovative start-up company in the framework of Italian law 221/2012 based in Rome, Italy.

The current legal status is: limited liability research & development organization. RAME has applied for Italian Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche (CAR code: 62214MIO) obtaining 100% rank from Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca.

RAME has been approved for french Tax Credit (CIR) Accreditation from the French Research Ministry.


Via C. F. Bellingeri, 14 Roma RM 00168

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      Via C. F. Bellingeri, 14 Roma RM 00168

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      Stefano Perticaroli - CEO

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      +39 0692919797

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    RAME provides services and disposes of tehcnologies in ASIC, MW & RF circuits, FPGAs and EM-based sensor development application fields. ASIC: RAME owns a portfolio of patented IPs in the following fields of application:

    • VCOs and PLLs
    • ADCs and DACs
    • RF receiver frontends (Attenuators, LNAs, Mixers)
    • RF transceiver frontends (Variable Gain Amplifiers, Poly-phase Filters)
    • Linear regulators (LDOs, Bandgaps)
    • Switching regulators (Buck and Buck-Boost converters)
    • Digital controllers for Power Management Ics.

    MW & RF: Ku and Ka frontends for RF radar signal conditiong.

    FPGA: mixed-signal controller Ips, cross and auto correlations IP for realtime radar signal conditioning, frame rate converters for realtime video applications (ARINC818 and other SerDes).

    EM-Based sensors: RAME owns patented technologies for sensing of gauging in liquid with very low dielectric constant or determination of dielectric constant in finite volumes, for sensing conductivity in nanostructured surfaces (e.g. photo-voltaic cells). RAME is further developing proprietary technologies for sensing of the vascularization of human skin.