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S2G Technologies is a young startup born after an aerospace engineer and a physicist won an ESA contract for ground spinoff application of space technologies. While actively working on this project, we also look forward to take on new challenges, both in the industrial and research fields. Our expertise covers a wide range of skills, from electronics, software development, hardware, additive manufacturing, FEM analysis and simulations, CAD design and project management. We can thus cover the design and prototype manufacturing completely in-house, accelerating the development of new innovative products. Thanks to the Invitalia - Voucer 3I Initiative,  S2G  Company has recently placed three  patent pending requests, namely: Sat based Air Traffic Controller (Jan 2021), Interleukin 6/ Biological liquids  portable readers (Dec 2020)  Hot/Steam  instantaneous generator from cold water  (Feb 2021).


Via Giacomo Peroni, 444 Roma RM 00131

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      Via Giacomo Peroni, 444 Roma RM 00131

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      Andrea Maria Di Lellis - Administrator / Yannick Tedeschi - Vice Administrator

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      +39 3389699199 / +39 3486047625

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    Our Offices in Italy
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    Our expertise includes:

    1. Instruments: Particle Sensors, Proximity Electronics, High Reliability FPGA Based DPUs
    2. Software: On-board Data Compression, On-board Software
    3. Hardware: Ground Support Equipment’s, professional Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), CAD Design and Assembly
    4. Analysis: Finite Element Method (FEM) Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
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