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Si Consulting is an engineering company with 20 years of presence in the European and International Market. The company operates in the railway and metro field regarding Verification and Validation, RAMS and developing of SW applications regarding for traffic, energy consumption, driving simulators, decision and process support tools. In recent years, Si Consulting has acquired expertise in the precision localization of railroad workers and machinery in railway working sites.


Via Antonio Gavotti 5, 16128 Genoa Genoa, Italy

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      Via Antonio Gavotti 5, 16128 Genoa Genoa, Italy

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      Matteo Sciutto - Business Manager

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      +39 010 531129

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    Our Offices in Italy
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    Via Ciccarello 22 C 89132 Reggio Calabria, Italy

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    Czchech Republic, Prague

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    Product: Semor a Worksite Protection System to supervise the safety of workers and operating machines in railway maintenance and construction worksites using GNSS precise localization.

    Services: SW Developing, RAMS Analysis, Verification and Validation regarding the norms DO - 178 (SW) , DO - 254 (HW).

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