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Founded in 1998, Sigma is a System Integration Company experienced in the Design of Electronic and ICT Systems (HW and SW) for satellite, avionics, naval and ground platforms and all related services such as: Logistic Support, Training and Customer service.

The main fields of application are:

  • DEFENCE & AEROSPACE: Flight & Radar Simulators, On-Board Simulators, Avionic Defense Systems; Operation Support Centers, Ground Station Control for UAV and Aircraft Missions, Automation Test Bench.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING: Radio Emissions Monitoring System (HW and SW).
  • HOMELAND SECURITY: ELINT Satellite, COMINT, RADAR, Intelligence Command & Control.
  • CIVIL APPLICATIONS: Inertial Location / GPS, Telemedicine, Precision Farming, Smart City, Cybersecurity.

Over its twenty years of activity, Sigma has signed agreements and partnerships with leading institutions and companies in the field of Aerospace and Defense such as the Italian Air Force, Italian Navy, Finmeccanica and Selex ES and Selex Galileo (now Leonardo), MBDA, ELT Elettronica, MES, Vitrociset, Alenia Aeronautica, Galileo Avionica, Aermacchi, Agusta Westland, Sirti, Alitalia, EADS, Northrop Grumman Italy.

Sigma steadily collaborates in R&D projects with the Universities of Rome Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Roma Tre, the University of L’Aquila and the CNR-IAC (National Research Institute).

Sigma Consulting processes are managed according to UNI EN ISO ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Sigma Consulting is located in Tecnopolo Tiburtino - the main technological district in Rome, which hosts 130 companies mainly in Aerospace sector.

Sigma is the formal representative of ATEN IS Group, an Advanced Technology Network established in 2013 with the aim of developing products and services in the Aerospace and ICT sector. ATEN IS currently consists of more than 30 companies and has established international partnerships with several countries to-date including Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bulgaria, China.


Via Adriano Olivetti, 24/26 Roma RM 00131

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      Via Adriano Olivetti, 24/26 Roma RM 00131

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      Carlomagno Simotti - President

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      +39 0687725590

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    Space and Defence Systems and Sub-Systems

    • Intelligent Data Fusion Algorithms, regarding the supervision of territory from enemy threats
    • Development of ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) and COMINT to installation on board a microsatellite
    • LIDAR Anti-IED System for analysis of terrestrial missions through optical systems; IR, Lidar on UAV.
    • Radiofrequency Protractor for Anti-IED localization with RF emission
    • Phased Array and Collision Avoidance Radar used both for avionics and UAV applications, and for land and border security.

    Experience with ESA / FP projects

    • PNRM a2011.190 “Advanced C-ESM Intercept Systems on UAV-APR C-IED”
    • PNRM a2010.49 “Configurable Electronic Defense Training Simulator - SADEC”
    • POR FERS 2007-2013 – FILAS-MI-2011-1012 “Interception and Advanced Localization Emissions System”
    • PNRM 2013: Presented - in collaboration with Thales Alenia Space, a technical proposal for Implementation of an ESM Satellite Technology Demonstrator

    EU project:

    PANTHEON (Precision Farming of Hazelnut Orchards) is a research project funded by the European H2020 program (H2020-SFS-2016 – Sustainable Food Security). The project aims to define a new paradigm for precision farming in hazelnut orchards: a SCADA system capable of monitoring the phytosanitary status of each single geolocalized plant through data collected by drones and ground robots.

    PANTHEON resorts to remote sensing capabilities to collect very large amounts of data and reach the information granularity of the single plant. Research activities concerning the management of big data, in terms of collection, storage and processing, have been included in the project.

    One of the objectives of the Project is the development of techniques for the treatment of data acquired from high-level sensors (e.g. multispectral camera, LiDAR, etc.) to extract relevant features for subsequent agronomic analysis.