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The company was founded in December 2000 by Avio and ASI (the Italian Space Agency) as “ELV S.p.A.” and on 9 May 2018 it changed its name to “Spacelab S.p.A.”, owned by Avio S.p.A. and the Italian Space Agency. Its aim is to carry out activities in Italy and internationally in the aerospace industry, and more specifically in the field of space transport systems, launchers and the associated components and equipment.

Spacelab S.p.A. focuses in particular on research and development of new technologies that can bring about product innovations, as well as on the design of cutting-edge infrastructures for experimenting with these technologies. The capacity to experiment plays an indispensable strategic part in putting new technologies into practice in industry.

Spacelab S.p.A. will take part in research, development and experimentation programmes funded by public and private clients and it will provide consulting services in the abovementioned areas.


Via Leonida Bissolati, 76 Roma RM 00187

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      Via Leonida Bissolati, 76 Roma RM 00187

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      Andrea Preve - CEO

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    The company is supporting the development of new avionic architectures for future space transportation systems focusing its activity in the development of the control benches to allow real time simulation, acceptance and qualification of the above mentioned systems. The company is also developing test infrastructures to carry out firing tests of large solid rocket motors and liquid propulsion systems based on storable and cryogenic propellants. The company will be progressively also involved in the development of new technologies which are considered strategic in achieving/maintaining the state of the art in the aerospace propulsion as the developing of carbon-carbon components for the nozzle of solid rocket motors and the additive layer manufacturing to manufacture components for liquid propulsion systems.