ASAS | Association for Space-based Applications and Services

The Association

ASAS is the Association for Space-based Application and Services. It was established in 2004 by the most significant Space industries whose mission is to develop and enhance applications and services based on space, to bring technologies and capacity “from Space to Earth”.

ASAS promotes space applications and technologies as a powerful tool to develop knowledge and innovation, support wellness and quality of life and contrast natural disaster and critical emergencies.

To date, ASAS has 34 members among large companies and SMEs, some of them being the Italian branch of large multinational Corporations, all focused on Space-based Services and Applications. 

As a result of such a combination, ASAS covers a large area of Space up and down Streaming technologies. ASAS is member of CSIT (Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services) and AIAD (Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security).

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