Lazio Aerospace Technology District (DTA)


DTA, established in 2004 by a MoU signed by Italy Ministry of Research and Lazio Region, was one of the founding partners of Italian Cluster for Aerospace Technology. It plays a leading international role in Aerospace and Security, in terms of R&D, manufacturing, hi-tech value added services. Lazio Region supports Space also by European Structural Investment Fund and equity financing to Startups / SMEs.

Space highlights

Launchers (Vega, solid rocket motor for Ariane); EO, NAV & TLC SATs manufacturing and services; Micro Nano SAT Constellations; Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST); Manned and Unmanned Space Exploration (incl. ISS); Safety & Security; Homeland/Cyber Security. DTA has NASA ESA and ASI among its governmental clients; plays a leading role also in EU space programs, such as COSMO-SkyMed and ESA-VEGA launcher.


Regione: Lazio

Presidente del distretto: Nicola Tasco 

Head quarters: Via Marco Aurelio 26 – Rome | 00184

Point of Contact
Gerardo Lancia
NETWORK Coordinator
+39 0660516729

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