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Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe srl is an Italian company based in Turin, Italy. The company is part of XO Markets Holdings Inc., the world’s first commercial space company, encompassing Nanoracks LLC, DreamUp, Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe (Nanoracks-Italy), and Nanoracks UAE.

Nanoracks is internationally known as the single largest commercial user of the International Space Station, having successfully launched into space over 1000 payloads for customers in over 30 countries and generating revenues in excess of $50 million since its establishment.

Nanoracks is the world leader concerning space accessibility, mainly thanks to the Space Act Agreements stipulated with NASA for use of the ISS. In addition, the company is active in India and China, and is currently involved in the early phases of the new moon initiatives. Furthermore, the company is heavily interested in emerging non-ISS platforms, e.g. free-fly capabilities.

Nanoracks is already an affirmed reality capable of creating space research hardware at efficient price points and, thanks to the accrued experience and leadership acquired over the years, is currently pursuing the goal of becoming the market leader in utilization of the space environment for enabling groundbreaking research in the fields of life sciences, biopharma, and agriculture.

Overall, Nanoracks is poised for a period of rapid growth due to several factors, namely:

  • The continuation of the ISS for another decade, allowing for better leverage of the over $40 million in assets already invested in the ISS as of today.
  • The company’s growing international reputation and space value chain footprint, further corroborated by the new investments from Voyager Space Holdings Inc., makes so that Nanoracks is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the explosive growth happening throughout the space sector.

In the future, Nanoracks is looking to expand its business activities by working closely with the existing realities present in the territories of their three main hubs (Italy, the US, and the UAE) partnering with them to translate their products and services to the space sector.


Via Ettore de Sonnaz 19 Torino TO 10121

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      Via Ettore de Sonnaz 19 Torino TO 10121

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    Nanoracks can offer affordable and prompt space access services to everyone. Its target market customers are Education entities (e. g. school, universities, etc.), the Science Community and both Space and non-Space technology developers. The main services offered are:

    1. Satellite deployment, ranging from 1U CubeSat to MicroSat, to LEO;
    2. Science & Technology Payloads to be installed on internal and external platforms, e. g. sub-orbital crafts, ISS, LEO and beyond;
    3. Educational programs concerning space-related fields.

    The Nanoracks facilities in Space are:

    • LEO ISS - Internal Payloads: NanoLabs, Nanoracks Frame-3, and the proprietary Plate Reader, Microscope, and MixStix;
    • LEO Satellite Deployment: ISS CubeSat Deployment, ISS MicroSat Deployment, External Cygnus Deployment, Other space vehicles (Indian PSLV, SpaceX Falcon 9, etc.);
    • LEO ISS External Platform: Nanoracks External Platform, Bishop Airlock.

    Nanoracks has already deployed over 250 satellites (ranging from 1U to Microsat) and delivered over 1000 payloads to space and is closely following the new opportunities offered by new endeavors venturing beyond LEO, primarily in CisLunar space and to Mars. All of these will be commercially driven and procured by customers as services provision request.

    In December 2020 the Nanoracks Bishop Airlock was attached to the Tranquility module of the ISS. The airlock was entirely self-funded and will serve as a way to deploy small satellites and expose payloads to the space environment to conduct scientific research over its properties.

    As of 2021, the company is also launching the DreamCoder 2.0, a collaborative development and programming environment in Python for the use of an electronic board equipped with 12 sensors both on Earth and on board the International Space Station.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    ISS, ESA Moonlight, ASI-NASA Artemis cooperation, ESA Business Applications