Umbria Aerospace Cluster


Umbria Aerospace Cluster boasts competences in electronics, mechanical and software development, special processes and engineering. Cluster companies can supply finished mechanical engine and structural components, electromechanical and hydraulic actuation systems, equipment, aerostructures, electronic and control systems, fittings, production and testing systems. Professional skills and technological processes include heat treatment, electroplating, painting, welding and qualified services in non-destructive tests, cabling, assembly and inspection.

Space highlights

High precision machining, design and manufacturing of custom environmental test chambers and equipment, test program development, board testing and reliability test support, space simulators, design and manufacturing of custom embedded systems, propulsion systems, actuators, 3D digitizing systems, structural design and sress analysis, metal surface treatments, thermo-mechanlcal analysis and design, design and prototyping of microwave satelitte communication systems, satellite systems development and simulation, satelitte software applications.


Regione: Umbria

Presidente del distretto: Daniele Tonti

Head quarters: Via Palermo 80/A – Perugia PG | 06124

Point of Contact
Cillian Fani
Segretario Generale
+39 0755820240

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