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A.D.S. International (ADS) is an independent engineering company operating in the fields of Astronomy and Communications & Defence. ADS main product lines cover large deformable mirrors for Adaptive Optics and Motorised Antenna Systems.

A lean, flexible organisation and a competent, experienced workforce allow ADS to design, develop and deliver cutting edge products and customised solutions to its international customer base.

Founded more than 20 years ago, ADS has been constantly growing and developing highly specialized skills and know-how. Today the Company can rely on the commitment and dedication of 22 full time employees including 3 Ph.D. and 6 engineers plus a pool of several subject matter expert consultants that are contracted for specific tasks/projects.

In 2018 the company was relocated to its current premises, housing a 1300 m2 assembly hall 11 m tall, a 500 m2 mechanical workshop, a 500 m2 electronics lab, two clean rooms and a chemical laboratory besides a 1000 m2 office area. This setup allows ADS to prototype, integrate, calibrate and test all of its products, thus managing and controlling in-house all of the most critical phases of the development and qualification processes of its systems.


23841, Annone di Brianza, Lecco, Italy

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      23841, Annone di Brianza, Lecco, Italy

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      Daniele Gallieni - CEO

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    ADS Astronomy business line is mainly focussed on large deformable mirrors for Adaptive Optics systems for which ADS is the leading supplier of several major international observatories. In the same field ADS also provides high-precision, high-payload hexapod positioner systems, focal plane instrumentation optomechanics and controls.

    ADS Communication & Defence business line has been recently created to develop innovative and cutting-edge products with the support of best-in-class design consultants and partners. ADS current focus is on low profile beyond line of sight (BLOS) communication on the move (COTM) for GSO and non-GSO satcom, line of sight (LoS) airborne and parabolic ground datalink terminals.

    All ADS products are designed and manufactured in Europe, avoiding foreign controlled components and subsystems (e.g. ITAR).

    ADS is proud of putting an emphasis on bridging the gap between customer needs and technically viable solutions. For this reason all products are tailored to the customers’ specific needs and requirements.

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