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Agt is a scientific, engineering, marketing and sales integrated organization.

Agt enhances its customers products with innovative technologies identified by its sales team, reviewed by its R&D development team, engineered by its engineering team, and repositioned in their respective markets by its marketing team: this way injecting innovation and adding value into its customers products.

In addition, Agt develops horizontal capabilities of technology transfer and consultancies, develops its own prototype products, and operates services based on Artificial Intelligence proprietary patents applications.

Agt is active in the Aerospace, Transportation, Oil and Gas, and Energy production and distribution fields.


via Paolo Emilio, 34 Rome RM 00192

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    AGT is a company specialised in industrial and applied research, technology transfer, engineering and prototyping, as well as project management, marketing and sales of projects and systems in the areas of transportation (aerospace, terrestrial and marine), energy generation (conventional, advanced and renewable), and of the application of innovative materials and processes to the Industrial companies. The AGT capabilities are: -

    Ideation and Research: assistance to structure research activities and research financing, when possible through European and national funds, both for customers and on self generated ideas. - Technology Transfer: Scouting of specific technologies to design and manufacture innovative systems and components developed in existing market areas, this way reducing time and costs of the R&D. Conversely, valorisation of technologies, processes, systems or components originated by its own applied research projects to new market areas.

    Engineering and Prototyping: Transformation of the results of the research and development into operational projects, systems and products for validation and testing of an innovation.- Production: Streaming of the prototypes developed and tested into pre-series and small batch production. Assistance in the implementation of the series production.

    Project Management: Project Management for its customers for high technology content projects.

    Marketing and Sales: Build up and management for its customers of methods for strategic marketing; turn-key sales networks structures; follow-up in the European and North American Countries; introduction and sale of high technology systems and components into the European and Italian markets. AGT is therefore operational in the entire value chain of the innovative technologies, from ideation and research to the full commercial deployment of innovative systems and components, generating added value to its Customers through its knowledge of the detailed methods to apply innovation, and the technology transfer of innovative materials, components and processes. A Special Project department has been recently added, to implement the potential of Artificial Intelligence systems to the Industrial applications in various areas, from the energy distribution systems to the aggregation of international clusters and companies. AGT has been partner of the ESA (European Space Agency) to transfer to the European Industries the activities available on the ISS (International Space Station), in the areas of Life Sciences and Advanced Materials; and to the ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) and NASA to perform two experiments with the Italian Astronaut Luca Parmitano during his mission on the ISS. AGT is also partner in an International Consortium for the development and manufacture of innovative rail structural systems; designs and manufactures special systems and parts for the F1, the transportation and the aerospace markets; runs activities of Project Management for important Multinational Groups; Acts as Technology Broker for the Association Lazio Connect inside the DTA-Filas district of the Aerospace Industries, and for Lazio Innova for the internationalization of the Aerospace cluster companies of the Lazio district.