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AIKO S.r.l. is an innovative deep-tech company with a unique mission: “Introducing Artificial Intelligence to space, to catalyze the evolution of space systems towards smarter, more autonomous and more efficient satellites” AIKO is a deep tech company, delivering state of the art Artificial Intelligence solutions for flight and ground software with the goal of enabling autonomous space missions. AIKO has active contracts, collaborations and partnerships with many european institutions and companies, including European Space Agency and the European Commission.

AIKO has been the first European company to publicly announce the in-orbit demonstration of Deep Learning algorithms, in October 2019.

Founded in 2017 in Torino and registered in the list of innovative Italian companies, since May 2017 is incubated in I3P (, one of the most important public incubators in the world (15th worldwide in 2014, 1st worldwide in 2019). AIKO business focuses on the development of Artificial Intelligence software for space applications, targeting automation of operations, support to operators and advanced mission autonomy. Key areas of expertise are Machine and Deep Learning, Knowledge-Based Systems and embedded software design applied to space missions, in the domains of autonomous decision-making, payload data information extraction, failure detection, and mission replanning. AIKO is composed of a team of highly skilled researchers and engineers, boosting years of experience in space programs, including two small satellites launched and operated, publications on international journals and congresses and collaborations with some of the most prominent research institutes, such as ESA, NASA JPL, and MIT. Since June 2018, AIKO is part of the NVIDIA Inception Program, a program reserved for startups that have Artificial Intelligence as the core competence and focus. The program nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. AIKO has secured both private and public funding, including investment from VC involved in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Corso Castelfidardo, 30/A - Torino (TO) 10129

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    AIKO provides state of the art technology and expertise in four distinct domains related to the design and development of Artificial Intelligence for space missions:

    1. State of the art AI-enabled automation: AIKO main product, MiRAGE (Mission Replanning through Autonomous Goal gEneration) is an AI-based ground and flight software designed to enhance the autonomy level of a spacecraft. MiRAGE is currently at TRL6, and features several AI technologies interacting, such as Deep Learning and Knowledge-Based Systems. The technology enables state of the art functionalities in
      mission operations automation, such as goal generation and management, event and failure detection including prediction, and mission re-planning, performed by analyzing on-board telemetry and payload data and generating an operations schedule that adapts to the events monitored. MiRAGE enables E4 mission autonomy on spacecraft.
    2. Deep Learning and AI on the edge: AIKO unique expertise involves developing and deploying state of art AI to edge devices, including recent releases of AI accelerators. Among the applications developed by AIKO, and compatible with integration on onboard computing platforms, there are: cloud detection and segmentation, terrain and urban detection and segmentation, ship detection, predictive maintenance and failure prediction, attitude and position estimators for Rendez-Vous maneuvres, and more.
    3. Complex automation algorithms: autonomous decision-making algorithms, advanced planning, goal reasoning and goal management. AIKO develops algorithms that enable spacecraft coordination, cooperations and interaction.
    4. AI for safety-critical applications: in addition to the expertise in quickly and reliably integrating state of art technologies upstream, AIKO expertise is growing in the field of verification and validation of AI for safety-critical applications, both in the field of supervised AI and in the field of robust and explainable AI.
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    Artemis; H2020 Fast Track to Innovation; H2020 RIA; MiRAGE