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Airbus Italia, formerly known as Space Engineering, is the local industrial footprint of Airbus Defence and Space since 2015. The company changed its name in 2019 to fully integrate into the Airbus group.

It has a recognized expertise in satellite communication, covering space as well as ground segment, with focus on enabling technologies for SatCom on the move, Internet of Things (IoT), RF components and signal processing.

Since August 2017, Airbus Italia’s Headquarters and Industrial Plant share the same industrial area in Rome, in Tiburtina area, thus ensuring a complete integration between Engineering and AIT effectively serving programs operations and products development. The 1.250 sqm plant has been mainly equipped for payload and electronic equipment assembly, integration and testing. Manifold facilities are available: Anechoic Chamber; Climatic Chamber; Clean Room; Motion and Attitude Simulator for mobile terminals; Digital, RF and Mechanical Laboratories.

Airbus Italia employs a highly skilled workforce of about 110 people, focusing on cutting edge solutions and technologies. It is EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Its significant experience in design, integration and test is serving key European programs like METOP-Second Generation, QUANTUM, BIOMASS, Galileo, Pléiades NEO and LEO satellite equipment for EDRS ISL. Along its history, the Company also contributed to ARTEMIS, Radarsat 2, COSMO-SkyMed, Alphasat TDP#5 and has been actively involved in major Italian programs such as SICRAL, PLATiNO, ItalGovSatCom


Via Dei Luxardo 22-24, 00156 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Via Dei Luxardo 22-24, 00156 Rome Rome, Italy

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    Over the past few years, Airbus Italia evolved to progressively meet its ambition of being a recognized industrial leader for selected products, including SatCom antennas for airborne and railways, passive and active RF components, ground modems. Airbus Italia is a leader in Airborne SatCom technology providing institutional customers with the most advanced state-of-the-art mobile terminals Janus Aero for ISR missions. The ATR P-72A aircraft of Italian Air Force is equipped with Airbus Italia’s Janus antenna, which has also been indicated by Airbus Communication, Intelligence & Security as a powerful solution for “Network For The Sky” (NFTS), successfully integrated with Airbus MRTT aircraft in a flight demonstration of a connected airborne battlespace scenario. Furthermore, the Company can claim a long experience in SatCom terminals for railway applications, having delivered SatCom solutions for high-speed trains throughout Europe (e.g. French TGV trains).

    Airbus Italia is a well-known Italian industrial leader, boasting several international patents related to antennas, radars, scientific software and digital signal processing. Its product portfolio also includes Inter-Satellite-Link and payload EO data transmission equipment for Low Earth Orbit satellites, passive and active RF components, antenna radiating elements, ground operational SW for configuration and spectrum monitoring of telecommunication flexible payloads, ground and flight firmware for digital signal processing and modems, key enablers for space-based architectures and secure spacecraft.

    Leveraging on its distinctive heritage in Antennas, RF and Digital Equipment, Communication Protocol and System Design, Airbus Italia can offer a qualified portfolio of products and solutions:

    • Mobile multiband SatCom antennas for airborne applications. Airbus Italia invented the Janus line: very low profile dual-band (Ku/Ka, X/Ka) antennas for different kinds of aircrafts, including UAVs and helicopters. Janus is the unique broadband antenna concept patented by Airbus Italia (European Patent 2757632 A1) to enable remote switch between two frequencies. The switch is performed by mirror rotation with a dedicated RF chain for each frequency band. Thanks to Janus, the Janus Aero antennas can be provided in dual band configuration in Ku/Ka (X/Ka and Ka/QV also possible) with remote frequency switching. Janus Aero compact size and high throughput both in reception and transmission makes it the ideal solution for several types of Mission Patrol and UAV applications. Janus Aero product targets Institutional & Governmental Airborne. Starting from the first version Janus 1.0, Airbus Italia has been keeping on updating the antenna design considering always more advanced technical solutions and it is successfully developing the second version of the Satcom terminal named Janus 2.0.
    • World leading supplier of Broadband SatCom terminals for trains, providing fully operational terminals in France, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan. Designers of the only Ka-band antenna for trains.
    • Onboard Communication Equipment for inter-satellite link, including those enabling LEO/LEO and LEO/GEO (Data Relay systems like Globenet) connectivity
    • Passive Onboard Antennas, RF components and Feed Chains, including high bands (Q/V/W)
    • Active and reconfigurable onboard antennas for High Throughput and Flexible Satellites,  new tools for the operation of flexible payloads.
    • Flight FW for navigation/telecom applications
    • Modem, Gateway and Professional Terminals for TM/TC, Massive Data Download, Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Ground Operational Subsystem/Software for Telecomm (communication Spectrum Monitoring, flexible Payload configuration) for new generation satellites
    • AIT services for subsystem/payload/satellite services
    • Ground Transponders and Calibrators for EO Optical and SAR satellites
    Our Missions & Programmes

    QUANTUM; METOP-Second Generation; BIOMASS ; Galileo; Pléiades NEO; COSMO-SKyMed; PLATiNO ; ItalGovSatCom