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ALTEC (Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company), a public-private company owned by Thales Alenia Space Italy (63,75%) and the Italian Space Agency (36,25%), is the Italian center of excellence for the provision of engineering and logistics services to support operations and utilization of the International Space Station and the development and implementation of planetary exploration missions. ALTEC is based in Turin and has liaison offices at NASA and ESA. ALTEC services include: engineering and logistics support, astronauts training, support to in orbit experiments, operations, processing of scientific data, development and management of the ground segment of space programs and the promotion of space culture. ALTEC collaborates on large international projects defined in the context of the programs of the Italian and European Space Agencies. Participation in the programs developed for the International Space Station is the core business of the company and indicates the strong commitment to promote the development of technological innovation and scientific knowledge. ALTEC, working closely with NASA centers in the exchange of sensitive data, as part of the bilateral agreement ASI-NASA, takes the value of a prestigious international showcase of Italian industrial excellence. ESA’s designation of ALTEC as the Operations Control Center for the “EXOMARS Rover” acknowledges the company’s operational capabilities in the context of European research and innovation.


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    Human Space Flight support Services to the ISS

    ALTEC, as Prime Contractor of ESA’s ISS TLO, provides Engineering Services to support the exploitation of the ISS both at system and payload level. In particular ALTEC covers the role of ISS European Logistics Center and, through the industrial consortium that ALTEC leads, provides training to ESA assigned crewmembers and to other international partners astronauts and cosmonauts, focusing on Columbus System and ESA payloads operations. ALTEC performs required engineering services to Pressurized Multi-purpose Module thanks to the availability of the Mission Support Centre, part of the NASA ISS related Ground Segment, and the Columbus Engineering Support Center, part of the ESA ISS related Ground Segment

    Planetary Mission Exploration

    ALTEC is responsible for the design, development and operations of the ESA EXOMARS Rover Operations Control Center (ROCC).The ExoMars ROCC encompasses also Science Operation Center (SOC) functions and is equipped with the Mars Terrain Simulator (MTS). The MTS facility, a Martian analogue, supports engineering, training, rehearsal plus testing and verifications activities. The MTS is now hosting the ExoMars Ground Test Model, a 1:1 replica of Rover Flight Model, to perform testing and getting confidence with operations. The Rover Operations are conducted exploiting onboard high-level commanding elements that allow an event-based control of the system

    Scientific Data Management and Processing

    ALTEC is responsible for the design and operations of the ESA Gaia Data Processing Center (DPCT), located in Turin, part of the European ground segment dedicated to the processing of the Gaia data.The DPCT main activity is the Astrometric Verification of the scientific data performed using dedicated software products developed under ALTEC responsibility. ALTEC is also responsible for the design and definition of the Italian Scientific Ground Segment (SGS‑IT) and Science Data Center (SDC‑IT) for ASI, in the frame of the ESA EUCLID mission.The SDC‑IT will support Italian the PI in processing data coming from EUCLID mission up to a predefined level, so as to allow Italian scientific team to exploit the information gathered.The scientific data management and processing is performed according to up-to-date “Big Data” approaches, exploiting advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence techniques

    Re‑entry, Payload and Nano-Satellite Mission Control Center

    Leveraging on the strong heritage gathered with ESA IXV mission, ALTEC has been awarded, in co‑primership with Telespazio, a contract by ESA for the development and implementation of Ground Segment and Operations for ESA Space Rider mission. ALTEC is responsible for the management of the Payloads, as well as for the whole re‑entry and landing phase. ALTEC has also been empowered by ESA as a SubAggregate integrator, meaning that ALTEC is entitled to provide commercial services and selling cargo spaces for the use of Space Rider.

    The operations activities are conducted from within the Multi‑Purpose Mission Control Center located at ALTEC premises. This asset enables the performance of broad and complex ensemble of tasks and operations, covering control and data management of various space system classes of platforms.

    Space Commercialization

    ALTEC, through its Spacegate initiative, is set to provide a turn-key service concept to offer customers flexible access to a wide range of platforms, through partnerships, and to end-to-end services for P/L & experiments. ALTEC offers support from early stage of payloads design phases up to full exploitation and retrieval/disposal.

    Research & Development according to European and National Strategic guidelines

    • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence:Implementing big data systems to manage, process, analyze, visualize and preserve space data. ALTEC is interested in the definition of data exploitation platforms for users’ communities using space data in their business, leveraging on the application of Machine and Deep Learning algorithms onto space data
    • Advanced Space Data Processing:ASDP (ALTEC SPACE DATA PROCESSING) is a distributed data processing framework dedicated to the on-ground handling and transformation of any aircraft and spacecraft data
    • Smart Center:implementing a “Station of Supervision and Coordination” designed as a multi-mission, multi-sensors system able to operate in a broad range of scenarios, able to gather data from different platforms (satellite, airborne, balloons, RPAS, in-situ)
    • Bio- and Space-medicine: aimed to understand how to deal with the physiological changes and conditions that can occur when humans are exposed to extreme environments, as well as to support physiology researche on earth
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality: participating to important European R&D projects (in the frame of H2020 program) addressed to study and develop new applications
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