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Angelantoni Test Technologies is a company with a turnover of around 50 million euro and 250 employees. The company is part of the Angelantoni Industrie Group, operating globally since 1932, with a turnover of around 60 million euro and 340 employees, and active also in the fields of Life Sciences, Energy efficiency devices and Thin Film Deposition Technology. Angelantoni Test Technologies is now present with its own branch companies in Germany, France, China and India, in addition to being well represented worldwide in over 40 countries.

Since 1952, Angelantoni has been producing and marketing worldwide, under the ACS brand, environmental test chambers for all types of tests on materials, components, and finished products. The ACS brand has always been associated with experience and flexibility in customized solutions, undisputed expertise and technological innovations.

The ACS brand has acquired a strong leadership position in the Aerospace sector, the most challenging environment for simulation: after the first Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVC) in 1988, Angelantoni became one of the few leading international manufacturers at international level, and a supplier for the most important Space Research Centers testing satellites, subsystems, and components


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    Angelantoni Test Technologies has developed a wide range of Thermal Vacuum Chambers thanks to its wide experience in several techniques applied in the environmental simulation and testing.

    TVC are able to artificially create the operating conditions (temperature and high vacuum) of whole satellites or equipment used on board of satellites.

    • Wide range of TVC sizes, with diameters ranging from under 1m up to 10m
    • High quality and vast experience in vacuum pumping systems
    • High quality of black shroud paint with a solution for low outgassing at maximum temperatures (>+150°C) according to ESA standard ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C
    • Special shroud design to withstand the highest heat dissipations (>5 kW/m2)
    • Special attention to minimizing consumption through hardware solutions and software management of the plant
    • Integrated control and monitoring system totally developed by ACS
    • Special attention to and experience in redundancy aspects
    • Full capability for supplying turnkey syste ms


    ACS prefabricated chambers can be supplied for temperature only or temperature/ humidity tests, and are suitable for tests on electronic modules or complete assemblies (solar panels, satellites, antennas, etc…). Where high power dissipation by the specimen is expected, i.e.testing of complete assemblies, the temperature humidity chamber incorporates the indirect system for climatic thermoregulation.

    Entrance doors for technicians or materials can be supplied for any size chamber, either side hung and automatic sliding type. TRANSPARENT THERMAL CHAMBERS Special chambers to combine thermal tests and Radio Frequency measurements on active antennas.