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Apogeo Space is an innovative SME active in both production and management of space projects. The company has qualified its proprietary pico-satellite platform able to perform IoT/IoV activities in LEO, which allowed further growth toward technology readiness and development.

In addition, thanks to its experience in project & innovation management, Apogeo Space enabled different non-space companies and institutions entering the space sector; the company is also actively engaged in scientific projects for both ESA and NASA.

All of this, has been made possible by a passionate team of young engineers and managers, based in Brescia, at the crossroad between Milan and Venice.


Via Borgo Pietro Wührer 119, 25123 Brescia Brescia, Italy

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      Via Borgo Pietro Wührer 119, 25123 Brescia Brescia, Italy

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      Guido Parissenti - CEO

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      +39 0307821542

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    Via Malta 7C, 25124 Brescia

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    GP Advanced Projects focuses on innovative projects about cutting edge technologies in the space field and on the terrestrial applications of space technologies. Moreover, the company offers consultancy support to help companies and institutions in entering the space field and provides support in designing and developing space components and systems.

    The company is active in the development of nanosatellites and their subsystems, enabling the delivery to clients of proprietary platforms for LEO missions, or profitable data gathered from orbit. Applications areas are, for example, IoT, smart farming, air traffic and navigation control.

    This is possible thanks to the development and improvement of our pico-platform technology, validated in space through a first mission (FEES), launched in March 2021 and currently operative, which enabled us to validate our systems, and our customers to trust solutions they can certainly rely on. Such technology will be further confirmed with a second mission planned for later this year and expanded into evolved solutions:

    • VIVa is a cubesat platform characterized by a high V/V ratio, since the operational architecture is condensed in a 0.3U volume.
    • PiCo is a swarm of nine 1/3U cubesats ready for private launch and space projects.

    Additionally, the company product portfolio showcases:

    • System engineering and management support on different scientific projects for both ESA and NASA;
    • Development of innovative space components, such as:
      • MBF401: single main-board which embeds the majority of a satellite subsystems such as: OBC, EPS, memory redundancy and latch up protections, attitude control with redundant IMUs, thermal control. On request, the following feature can also be added: TT&C, TID radiation monitoring.
      • WAMS: an monolithic silicon-only, reliable and highly scalable sun sensor with up to 170° field of view. It can be easily integrated as a standalone device or as part of our Cubesat Solar Panel.
      • Solar panels following Cubesat standards including temperature and fine sun sensor. They host triple junction solar cells, and are developed following Cubesat standards dimensions;
      • POD: a 3U+ cubesat deployer, able to deliver your product in orbit with zero momentum.
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