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APR is a SME founded in 1998, active in the design and production of equipment for aerospace industries, notably for propulsion applications. Leveraging on a strong manufacturing footpring of highly critical rotating parts, APR brings to the space industry its expertise and skills on customized solutions and services for fluidodynamic systems and propulsion applications


Via R. Incerti, 10 Pinerolo TO 10064

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      Via R. Incerti, 10 Pinerolo TO 10064

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      Alessandro Chiesa - Program Manager

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      +39 0121525202

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      APR srl

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    Turn-key solutions provided by APR to His Customers including activity of co-engineering / co-design with the Customer, Industrialization of products, Production (based on advanced manufacturing technologies) both for series or small batches or prototypes, Supply Chain management, assembly and Testing.
    In space sector, APR is operating on design and manufacturing of fluidodynamic equipment, in particular pumps and valves for TCS, ECLS and propulsion applications.
    APR provides His customers with 3 branches of services
    - Built-to-print production: starting from design provided by the Customer, APR performs industrialization and production based on a fully-verticalized approach. APR is historically active with this type of service, mainly for aero-engines and aerostructures parts, but also for the production of parts for space propulsion equipment.
    - Built-to-spec solutions: starting from technical requirements specifications, APR is able to manage the full product development cycle, from the preliminary design up to qualification and recurring production. For our major Customers in the Space industries, APR performs those activities for fluidodynamic equipment such as pumps and valves for propulsion, TCS and ECLSS
    - Integrated logistic management services. APR is able to perform services of logistic management for complex products. This may include tasks such as supply chain and quality management, starting from the incoming inspection, rework and repair, kitting and sub-assembly. APR is currently performing this type of services for the logistic management of the Liquid-Oxygen Turbopumps for the Ariane program.

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