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ARCA Dynamics is a New Space company providing innovative solutions for environmental and Space exploitation sustainability. Using and operating its proprietary nanosatellites, ARCA offers Space Traffic Management and Earth Observation services.
The company is constantly evolving by carrying out Research & Development activities for enabling and cutting-edge technologies aimed to a sustainable space exploitation and human resilience in space.
Thanks to its patented technologies, ARCA is able to provide:
• STM solutions: highly accurate AI-based collision risk analysis, “smart” on-board devices for hazard and threat detection;
• EO solutions: asset tracking, including maritime traffic monitoring, critical infrastructure and EM pollution monitoring;
• On-board components: “green” reaction wheels, “smart” stellar sensors and AI GNC software.
In-house skills and capabilities cover the whole value chain of a nanosatellite mission, from mission/subsystem design to development, launch and operations.


Via Ludovico di Monreale, 8 Roma RM 00152

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      Via Ludovico di Monreale, 8 Roma RM 00152

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      Rebecca LA NORCIA

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    Our Offices in Italy
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    Maritime surveillance

    Thanks to the acquisition of a new type of data that integrates synergistically with current technologies (AIS, SAR, optics), ARCA Dynamics is able to geolocate and characterize with very high precision and in real time maritime vessels at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world, regardless of weather conditions.

    AI Space Camera

    An optical sensor with different available functions based on AI, such as star tracking, stellar gyro and hazard detection.

    Plug'n'play, fully autonomous and cost efficient.

    Fluid Wheel

    An innovative reaction wheel that enables near null angular velocity manoeuvres while providing clean torque.

    Fully disposable, low power and customizable.

    AI integrated solutions and software

    Extended expertise and know-how of on-board and ground cutting-edge AI is used to design and develop deep tech solutions for the most challenging needs of our customers.

    New Space consulting for mission design, development & operations

    Thanks to its know-how, network and expertise with nanosatellite missions, ARCA Dynamics is able to design from scratch, develop and operate nanosatellite missions enabling New Space entities to deliver their value proposition through a sustainable satellite infrastructure using reliable and cost-efficient cutting edge technologies.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    ALPHA: 1U IOD mission in MEO; REVELA: 3U EO/IOD mission in LEO