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ARESYS S.r.l. (Advanced Remote-Sensing Systems) is an Italian innovative SME spin-off of “Politecnico di Milano”, providing solutions since 2003 to the aero-space & defense, oil & gas and industrial markets. It designs and develops ad-hoc innovative monitoring solutions, at HW & SW level, exploiting cutting-edge sensing technologies like microwave Radar/SAR and optical imaging, seismic surveys and vibroacoustic sensors.

Based in Milan, ARESYS is divided in four business units, each of them covering specific technologies and markets. ARESYS expertise covers the following areas:

  • airborne and spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR);
  • SARRadar EGSE and Simulators;
  • ground based SAR, RADARS and GPR;
  • pipeline acoustic monitoring systems;
  • seismic and geophysical prospection systems.

Nowadays, ARESYS can count on a group of about 60 high skilled professionals (nearly half of them hold a Ph.D.), composed by top-level engineers, physicists and computing science experts for an annual turnover of about 6M€ from customers in Europe, Asia and South America.

With our 10+ years experience in SAR systems, ARESYS can offer products and services encompassing operational software solutions for simulation, processing, focusing, interferometry and best-in-class engineering services for new SAR system design.


Via Privata Flumendosa 16, 20132 Milan Milan, Italy

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      Via Privata Flumendosa 16, 20132 Milan Milan, Italy

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      Fabio Gerace - Business Development Manager

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    ARESYS offers a complete SAR simulation and emulation framework (RADAR Bench), for SAR satellites and UAV/airborne systems. The solution includes a flexible software raw data simulator (SimRad) and real-time optional components (EchoRad and DigiRad) that are able to provide simulated and emulated data over a real-time IF link or over an high-rate digital link. This solution could be deployed as a SARRADAR Automatic Test Equipment, an EGSE or SCOE, a full End-to-End SARRADR SimulatorEmulator able to represent real and complex terrain and 3D targets scenarios.

    SARFOC is a multi-sensor, versatile kernel for SAR focusing and L1 processing. It handles mono as well as bistatic SAR, ScanSAR, TopSAR, Spotlight and other modes. It is designed with emphasis on geometric accuracy, calibration and phase preserving features. SARFOC comes in two different versions: DESKTOP, a light version that can be used on a desktop PC (for academic and scientific purposes) and HPC, a highly efficient and optimized version suitable for multi-core and high-throughput processing solutions for Ground Segments and Operational Data Centers.

    SARINT provides advanced tools and components for SAR interferometry and interferometric stacking. It supports Stripmap, ScanSAR, TopSAR and Spotlight acquisition modes. SARINT is robust and mature and it is the core of operational interferometric stack processor of the Sentinel-1 PDGS. it can be used in combination with SARPS to perform multi-temporal interferometric processing and Persistent Scatterer analysis.

    uSAR is a low-cost micro SAR for CubeSat 16U, including 2m antenna and able to work in MIMO swarm (3÷32 sats) paradigm, that is currently in development coming from ARESYS design experience on ground radar.

    ARESYS supports SAR systems manufacturers and designers world-wide offering highly specialized consultancy services (SAR System Design & Engineering Services). Thanks to the long experience in SAR mission design, through the participation to many national and international SAR projects, ARESYS can offer a unique support service starting from SAR system concept, to SAR operations support, SAR calibration and SAR data processing.

    Besides Space activities ARESYS is also active in the following fields: Ground interferometric Radars monitoring solutions, Leak detection systems and pipeline monitoring and Seismic and Geophysics.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    ESA Copernicus (Sentinel-1, Sentinel-6, CRISTAL, ROSE-L, Sentinel-1 NG); ESA Earth Explorers (Cryosat-2, BIOMASS, HYDROTERRA, HARMONY); KARI KOMPSAT-6, 425; CONAE SAOCOM