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Aviotec core-businesses are Thermal Control and Electrical Harness sub-systems.

Thanks to more than 10 years of consolidated experience, Aviotec joins high reliability solutions and innovation technologies in order to be ready to catch new Space exploration challenges.

From its headquarter site in Turin, Aviotec combines its SME identity to a policy focused on On-quality and On-time delivery attitude.

Through its “Design Authority” capability already implemented in several flying space projects, Aviotec can support the Customer starting from Design up to integration on the Spacecraft or Payload structure at Customer premises.

Aviotec is a Customer satisfaction oriented Company: our goal is to be considered not only a Supplier but a Customer Partner.

Aviotec QMS is certified EN9100, ISO9001.


Corso Vigevano, 46 Torino TO 10155

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    Aviotec is specialized in the design, manufacturing, integration and test of MLI, thermal control hardware and electrical harness for spacecraft, defense, and cryogenic applications. Aviotec effort is focused on technological innovations to offer high reliability and cutting edge technology products.


    Thermal Control S/S

    1. Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) Blankets
    2. Second Surface Mirror (SSM)
    3. Tapes
    4. Heaters
    5. Thermistors
    6. Thermo-couple
    7. Thermal Fillers
    8. Thermal Washers
    9. Cryogenic and TVAC Insulation blankets / tapes


    Electrical Harness S/S

    1. Power, signal cables according to ESA standards
      ECSS-Q-ST-70-08C •
    2. RF cables
    3. Continuity and High Voltage electrical test up 7.000 points
    4. Cryogenic and TVAC vacuum compatible EGSE harness


    Starting from raw materials, all the Hardware is accepted, manufactured, inspected and tested in Aviotec ISO Class 8 (100.000) Clean Room.