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BLUE Engineering, founded in 1993, provides engineering services in the areas of transport excellence, such as automotive, rail, aerospace and naval. The strong multisectoral know-how and the singular specialization in numerical analysis distinguish us on the market and allow us to develop innovative projects, at the highest quality level, during all phases of development: style, design, engineering, Virtual prototyping, testing and validation.

BLUE Engineering develops its ‘ business ‘ beyond the technological and geographic frontiers. We work with important national and international customers, always looking towards new markets. We offer a full turnkey service, including vocational education, in order to transfer our skills to the customer team.

BLUE Engineering is a good partner for project development, thanks to the integration of competences in all their aspects: design, functionality and innovative features. Our team of designers and specialized technicians work in close collaboration, thus optimizing time planning and achieving results of high reliability. BLUE Engineering constantly invests in education and vocational training, to promote the development of the skills of its team.

BLUE Engineering PLUS

  • Innovation development.
  • Product quality optimization.
  • Processes and methodologies development.
  • Excellent knowledge of CAD/CAE computer systems.
  • Excellent TEAM of expertise and experience.
  • Flexibility

Provided Services:

  • Turnkey project development.
  • Management of engineering development platforms.
  • Contract management.
  • Technical specifications issue.
  • Technical documents.
  • ICT MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and SW of traceability

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    BLUE Engineering has many years of experience in Engineering, Design, Software Development, Verification and Validation, Testing.

    Our services are applied to space structures, payloads & subsystems, propulsion test bench and manufacturing tools. We collaborated to the development of several international space programmes such as:

    • ISS Cupola
    • ISS Nodo2
    • ATV
    • RADAR SAT Satellite
    • ALADIN Equipment
    • ASTR Equipment
    • IRES Equipment
    • CDP Equipment
    • VEGA Launcher

    Main partners of our activities are Leonardo, ThalesAleniaSpace, Airbus Defence & Space and ESA.

    For several programmes and payloads BLUE provides the following capabilities: Structural Analysis.

    For the realization of Node2, ATV and Cupola, the interconnection elements between the various pressurized modules for the International Space Station, Blue has been responsible for the following activities:

    • Structural check of the overall structure.
    • Verification of the resistance to buckling of the single components.
    • Structural inspection of riveting and bolting.

    Thermal Control.

    • Model Analysis
    • Model Reduction
    • Reporting
    • Model Correlation with thermal vacuum tests data.
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Requirements Checking.
    • Attitude simulation.

    Fluid Mechanics

    • Re-Entry Aerodynamics.
    • Thermo-chemical non-equilibrium effects.
    • Unsteady Aerodynamics: damping derivative and dynamic stability.
    • Low-Gravity fluid dynamics and transport phenomena.
    • CFD in propulsion: combustor chamber, turbine stage, pump stage.
    • ECS System: Climate Control and Thermal Comfort.


    • Testing facility design
    • Structures
    • Instruments
    • Environment simulation (CO2, high temperatures)
    • Test procedures definition & Execution
    • Reporting.

    Software Development

    Since 2004 BLUE Engineering increased its experience on software development, we started a collaboration with ESA on the development of the Thermal Concept design tool, we participated actively in national programmes like STEPS, STEPS2 and CADET developing software tools for system modelling and advanced calculation methodologies such as GPGPU programming, IR image processing and recognition, MBSE.

    BLUE is focused also on research and development in order to ensure the innovative contents of its projects and products. In particular main R&D activities and products can be summarised as follows: Research and Development. Participation to several research and development projects in different fields: aerospace, railway, automotive. The subjects of R&D projects are of very different type:

    • Application of advance materials
    • Application of advanced manufacturing methodologies (3D print for metal and plastic parts, Carbon Fiber grid panel technology)
    • Advanced design and verification methodology
    • New ground transportation vehicles (hybrid, unmanned, …)
    • Development of system design tools

    Some internal developments became products such as: P.ANA.MA

    The Parametric Analysis Manager performs multidisciplinary sensitivity & optimization analyses with the stochastic method. It has the following features:

    • Definition of variations of parameters
    • Management of REMOTE ANALYSIS (structural, thermal …)
    • Possibility of performing MULTIDISCIPLINARY ANALYSIS CASES
    • Data Processing
    • Stochastic sensitivity and optimisation.


    The Purpose of Collaborative System Manager is to support the calculation and analysis of several sector projects performed at discipline level through a common and user friendly environment with flexible degree of accuracy.

    It shall describe space scenarios, run computation processes, analyse results with extended post-processing and easily build reports with curve, picture and animations. Each engineer is showed a well-defined and easy to use environment with a fast learning curve.

    COSM was initially developed for the aerospace sector, and now collects features and can manage models relevant to automotive and railway sectors.

    COSM is made in collaboration with ThalesAlenia Space Italia.

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